wishlist wednesday!

okay, i'm going to warn you now, i'm going in the home decor direction again. i promise you i'm not turning this into a decorating blog because that's way out of my area of expertise, but lately i've just been wanting to change things up in my house! anyway, since none of you have been to my house (but you can come and we'll have a slumber party!), let me tell you that it's been a hell of a lot of work to get it to the point it's at, and we're still not finished! it was completely trashed when we bought it, and we basically had to rebuild or repair everything except the outside walls. to make it simple, we're trying to turn a crack whore into a beauty queen. we still need to replace the kitchen floor, and once we do, chris is going to build an island since it's a large room, and what better to compliment an island than modern bar stools?

want to win a bar stool? or maybe something else for your home? be sure to check back this weekend for a giveaway where you get to pick your prize! doesn't that sound very car sales commercial of me? ah well.

i hope you've been having a good week!


  1. Modern looking bar stools are right at the top of my list! We have some wood stools from IKEA right now, but I think it'd be better to have ones with a back on them. Backless stools are just not that comfortable if you want to sit on them for longer than 10 minutes. I keep hoping I come across some vintage ones at the thrift store one of these days, but so far no luck. =(

  2. Love the one on the left of the second row!
    I think when we redo our kitchen we'll have a large island but Jus is kind of opposed, I need to talk him into them :)

  3. my intense love for wood grain has me drooling over that last stool/chair.

  4. I think I like the wooden chair the best. Now back to homework for me...thanks for providing a little interlude.


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