wishlist wednesday!

Okay, so I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but Chris and I are pretty much the biggest cheapskates you'll ever meet...almost. In our nine years of bring married, the only furniture we've actually purchased is our sectional sofa, and antique trunk, a loveseat and a $2 end table that I still can't get Chris to admit is awesome. Our dining room table & chairs, bedroom suite, my desk, and our guest bed/futon are all hand-me-downs, so if you can imagine, our house is a little bare in the furniture area. When we were in our old house it didn't matter as that place was tiny, but now that we're in a house twice that size, it's become apparent that we need more stuff! I wouldn't mind having these things to fill up our space...

folding table from hindsvik, bear rug from concu, wire stand from moxie thrift, rocking chair from the unique seat company, steamer trunk from topsy design.

In dinosaur toes news, I've been working my big butt off on a dinosaur toes website. I always make impossible deadlines for myself, and I decided that I should be able to have it up and running by Tuesday evening (which gave me three days to create it from start to finish), but I'm thinking it's more reasonable to say it will be up and running by the first of next week. Of course I'll let you know because I'll need your input!

If you have a wish list you'd like to share, leave me a link in the comments; I'd love to see it, and maybe find a few new things to covet!


  1. I love the chair and the chest!! Hope all is lovely! xo

  2. we are pretty lacking in the furniture department as well. I have a hard time forking over large amounts of cash!!

  3. How on earth have you been married for nine years--you look SO young! :)

  4. hahaha, claire i love you! we got married when i was 18, so i'm not old, but i'm still not young (or at least that's what everyone tells me since i don't have kids yet).

  5. THAT BEAR RUG IS AMAZING! I want it. Actually (once again! haha) I want everything on this list. Love it!

  6. Love this idea of wish-list Wednesday and saw it over on Micaela's blog and followed here! I have been inspired to write my own a couple of times now at http://hydrangeasandwhitedaisies.blogspot.com/2010/06/wishlist-wednesday.html

  7. that bear rug is rad!

    and don't feel bad...craig and i are cheapskates too...well...craig is anyway. i like to think of it as us being eco-friendly by using hand-me-down furniture and repurposing :). the only furniture we've bought are our couches. that's it. we technically bought a table too, but only the wood supplies to build it, so i don't think that counts.

    good luck filling up your space - maybe you'll find some of these items you're coveting at a steal somewhere :).

    miss you girl!


  8. we are the complete opposite!
    we buy buy buy! so you and me woud be the perfect combo! haha
    i wish we saved more and hesitated but no...especially with clothes. jacob and i have a new wardrobe from california now!
    i love all of your "wants" you should buy them all!

  9. brandi, you're awesome! if chris and i had waited to get married so i was finished with college, i'm sure we wouldn't be the cheapskates we are today. i need to do more shopping with you so you bring out the spender in me!

  10. Those are great buys! I've only been married 6 years, and I'm trying to think of just 1 piece of furniture we have purchased together, and I can't... well besides the furniture that is in our nursery for our kids we never used... but for the rest of our home? Nada! I have furniture envy.


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