venice, california

After I left my blogger meet up weekend, I stayed with my friend Haley who lives in Venice, California. We did a little eating, a little rocking and a whole lot of shopping! I'd never been to Venice, but I'll tell you, I saw a lot. A whole lot. Abbott Kinney has too many great shops for my wallet, but if you find yourself in Venice, and I suggest going at least once, be sure to visit Skylark!

So, we went to the Promenade and shopped at Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and American Apparel, then we went out on the boardwalk to a restaurant called Fig Tree Cafe. All of their food is organic, and I got fish tacos worth selling your grandma for!

The next day we went back out on the boardwalk in the daylight so I could see the craziness that is Venice Beach. I bought two huge rings for $2.50 each, I saw a two-headed turtle, caught a contact high from all the legal marijuana, and spied these decorated motor homes where the homeless beachcombers live.

Before we left the boardwalk, we went out on the beach for the drum circle that happens every Sunday. I definitely enjoyed it, and I really liked watching this Native American man dance with his feathers.

When we left the drum circle, we did a little more shopping (okay, a lot), then we went to a greek restaurant and I got the best authentic pita sandwich I've ever in my life eaten. Once we got back to Haley's apartment, she changed her clothes and did my eye makeup (I'm so not a girl) in preparation for the show at The Viper Room! We went to see her friend's band, Stevie Starlight, and it was an awesome show! We drove through Beverly Hills on the way there so I could see all the places I'd never be able to afford.


  1. Looks like you enjoyed yourself love the photos!! XO

  2. "taco's worth selling your grandma for" <-- That is classic. I'm gonna use that saying although I do love my grandma very very much!

  3. sounds like an AWESOME time!!! I am so happy you got to meet all those lovely girls and visit friends... and I LOOOOOOVE that blue and white striped shirt! I never had a fish taco until I went to New Mexico (which is totally weird to me because I live on the coast), the idea always turned me off, but it was really good!

  4. I just got back from southern California too--I love visiting there in the summer! Venice is a trip, but I'm kind of creeped out by that two headed turtle. :( He might haunt my dreams . . .

    and you are so pretty, lady!

  5. sounds like fun! i would definitely sell my gramma for a good fish taco!

  6. wow! you squeezed a WHOLE lot into such a quick visit with haley!

    but my biggest question...what's the deal with the two-headed turtle???? what's going on? is that thing real?

    oh...and p.s. you look HOT with eye makeup :).

  7. This looks like such a fun time! The fish tacos sound so delish!

  8. oh! you had a chance to visit venice beach! that's iconic california. so happy you got out of oc, too


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