i always thought i would be...

...a drummer. Okay, so maybe it sounds silly, but it's true. I've always loooved percussion, and I played drums for a bit when I was younger. I think it goes hand-in-hand with my love for music, and I just knew that I was going to be in a band like the ones I admired. Well, obviously life has taken me in a completely different direction and I'm clearly not a drummer, but if I could choose for one of my crazy dreams to come true, I'd still choose that one!

Okay, since I'm talking about drums, I figured this post wouldn't be complete without one of the greatest drum solos of all time...Church Lady on Church Chat! How about you? What big dream did you have when you were younger, and if you could choose to be or do anything, what would it be?


  1. hahahaha! you shoud be a drummer! with that long hair swinging around! YES!!! there is still time!

    i thought i woud be a stunt person!
    or in forensics!


  2. i agree with brandi - there is still time!
    i love church lady!
    i thought i would be an artist, lawyer, social worker or miss america! hahahaha

  3. That's awesome. Love it. You should still consider it!

    I always thought I would be an American Gladiator. Seriously, I did. At this point, I don't know what I want to do with my life, career-wise.

  4. brandi & kassi, you would know that my time is up if you ever heard me play. i may have had a beat at one point, but now all i have is a good way to make a fool of myself!

    four, that is awesome! i used to imagine myself being on that show! i always wanted to do the think with those big bars with padded ends and knock someone off!

  5. oh i love percussion or bass instruments. i totally wish i could be an upright bassist. (by the way i am so glad i could point you to the books, i've been a fan for a while. i was trying to figure out the title of my favorite song but it's only listed as track 2 in my itunes so i'm really bummed. but i'll keep trying!)

    i always thought i was some kind of alien princess that would soon be scooped up and taken "home." isn't that crazy!? i wish i still felt that unique today.

  6. super secret: I so played the cymbals in 8th grade for the highschool marching band. we could so start a band ;)
    I wanted to be the president or a nun. wahahahaha.
    cute post!

  7. i am dying with that dana carvey skit. you are too funny!


  8. oh hey, you are so sweet, thank you. i guess it's just hard to feel too unique in a big city like chicago, which is full of very unique folks.

    ps: i read that you've been married for 9 years. wowie! congrats!

  9. Love the drum solo!
    I always thought I'd be ah I don't know the english word... show jumper i think? you ride a horse and jump over barriers. =) I never did it, but I think it would be a lot of fun and I still love horses!

  10. My little brother is a drummer, and my other brother plays guitar, bass, violin, trumpet, and anything i missed. i kind of play piano a bit. i've always wanted to be a in a band, too, after we played some song for my mom.
    anyways, come to california, and we'll start one! we'll tour with best coast, dum dum girls and the vivian girls. haha, dreaming.

  11. Oh Danielle,

    Do you know "the builders and the butchers"? You should give them a listen, their percussions are amazing, they actually have 2 drummrs! They are from Portland and I love their backwoods sound with city influences!


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