i've always hated geometry

It's true, math was never really my thing, especially geometry. However, I've come to love geometric shapes in jewelry, accessories, clothing and graphic design. My current shape crush: the triangle. I sat at my desk - for professional purposes, read, "I sat in my studio" - one day last week and could think of nothing but the three sided beauties, and this is what came of it...

The headband is decorated with pale bluish grey leather I hand cut. This is definitely one of my favorites, and if I can find some time between house cleaning, laundry, kitten feedings and a graduation, I'll be making one for myself this weekend!

This 3D prism necklace was born from brass, lots and lots of hammering, too much drilling and some brass chain I've oxidized to black. I like the sculptural look of it, and I've got another shape/3D necklace up my sleeve! Please excuse my mannequin's torpedo boobs.

Onto some good news... today I got four turtles out of the road, all within less than a half of a mile. Three were females and the other was a male, so I hope they get busy and make little turtle babies because their numbers need to go up! Also, I'll be able to raise the babies once I get back from California, so they'll just have a babysitter, not a new foster mom! Whew, I'm so glad!

I REALLY need to get to work and get some things ready to ship. I'm sending some bullet necklaces and bow tie necklaces to a store called Pack Rats in Columbia, SC for their grand opening on June 11th, and I still need to get the paperwork filled out and get things ready for mailing tomorrow! I'm such a procrastinator! This is the first time I'll be doing consignment with a brick & mortar shop, so wish me luck!


  1. danielle these are GORGEOUS!!! i need a prism necklace asap!!! and i looove the headband. you are so talented lady! :)

    CHEERS to you for the "wholesale" -- is that the correct business term? that's awesome!


  2. I love that headband. Like actually. The color of it is amazing :)
    Goodluck with everything, your so talented!

    That necklace is lovely.

  3. That's so funny... I just sent over a package to packrats today! I love Rachael so I'm pretty sure the shop is going to be amazing.

    by the way- i'm also really into all of this geometric design. i was terrible at math, but i did prefer geometry over everything else!

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  5. i love the headband AND the necklace. i hated math, but i'm with you on loving these triangles :).

  6. i retook algebra my senior year and because i was the only senior i got my very own special desk at the back. i got so fed up one day i jumped out the window. it was ground level but i miscalculated how far the fall was...

  7. How funny, geometry was the only math class I liked because it didn't feel like math as much as algebra :) At least we got to draw, haha.
    I love both of those pieces, they're so great!

  8. Congrats on selling!! <3 I've got so so many ideas for jewelery at the moment, however need to wait for our own house so I have the space to do it! :) You always do Beautiful designs, I love the headband too!


  9. great headband! it is really perfect and pointy! try to get them to pay up front next time. be the aggressor. what have you got to loose. consignment sucks.

  10. I just sat here and caught up on your blog posts that I missed this week. I love reading your blog -- it's like stepping into another (less crazy) world. A necessary breather. :)

    Anyway, about geometry -- blech. I swear my sophomore year teacher just passed me because he thought I was cute. I could not get those shapes to stick in my brain. Or make sense. At all. However, your lovely pieces do make sense! Love them both. :)

  11. I loved maths. It was my favourite subject (although I didn't really like geometry and trigonometry - calculus was my absolute fave).

    I also love these creations, especially the headband! Are you going to make more for your store?

  12. yay for saving sweet little turtles!
    and i'm so happy you get to stay a momma.


  13. I hate math too! Bleh. But these are beautiful. The headband is fantastic.

  14. love the headband...and love your freckles (in fact i am kind of jealous of them)

  15. hooray congrats on your first consignment work! i love the new geometric designs!

  16. these pieces of jewelery are so great.did you make them??


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  17. These are beautiful! Love the headband!

  18. Lovee the prism necklace, good luck with the store, no that you need it your pieces are gorgeous!




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