much love monday: pendant lights

Yesterday I said that I've been having one long, drawn out blogging brain fart, and it's actually really simple; I'm so excited about my trip to California that I can think of little else. I do have a giveaway in the works, so I'll probably post that tomorrow and then announce the winner on Tuesday the 15th.

Last week I forgot about "Much Love Monday" until Tuesday, but I'm on time today! This Monday I'm loving pendant lights. I have the Urban Outfitters bird cage pendant light that was given to me for Christmas, but I'm still waiting for it to be installed in the breakfast nook area of my kitchen. I'm thinking I wouldn't mind having on in my dining room, too!

Back to the California trip... I'm going to have so many pictures to share when I get back, it won't even be funny! 1. I've already been told that Kassi is going to get Brandi, Lauren and I drunk on our first night there, so she can steal our wallets loosen us up! Weighing in at less than 100 pounds, it only takes a sip or two to get me tipsy. 2. I've washed most of clothes and packed half of what I need already, so the only thing to worry about now is navigating the dreaded Philadelphia airport! 3. I have to admit, even though I'll miss Chris, I know he can take care of himself, but I'm really getting sad thinking about being away from Flojo and the kittens (who have doubled in weight and are eating A LOT). 4. I'm sure once I get there I won't want to leave. Hopefully I won't cry as we're taking off on the way home like I did in San Francisco last November. Don't get me wrong, I love Virginia, but it's definitely no California!


  1. hahahaha i love that you wrote i'm going to get you drunk and steal your wallets!!! hahaha
    and less than 100 pounds - geezo! i knew you were tiny but wowza! i'm going to look huge next to you!
    we're going to have a blast! and i'll be praying for you so don't worry your little head about the philadelphia airport!
    love the pendant lights by the way... i want one!

    ps. sneak a kitty in your purse for me ;-)

  2. love the bird light! super fun.

    and did you figure out what you are going to do with your kitties??? maybe you wrote about it earlier...but i haven't had time to fully read blogs lately...

    i wish i lived close to you, i would take one off your hands! maybe you can drop one out of the plane for me like a stork. haha


  3. Haha! I weigh a lot more than 100 lbs but I might make a quick drunk too since Ive hardly drank at all in the last year. I've never been drunk before actually but 1 or 2 glasses of wine would probably do me good :).

  4. I am so jealous of your trip! Have fun & be careful :) Can't wait to read everyone's blogs about the visit!

  5. i hope you have so much fun!
    it's really neat to meet online friends.
    my friend abby and i were friends for a couple of years through myspace, and we finally met each other last year.
    it was so exciting and fun!
    i love that you guys are meeting! yay! :)

  6. I hope the four of you will have a great time on your trip!! I'm excited to read about it in your blogs!

    Last week your package with the giveaway arrived, when I came home from my vacation it sat on my table waiting for me - what a pleasant surprise! Just wanted to thank you!

    Have a great day! Britta

  7. oh my gosh that bird light is incredible!! i seriosuly want that so bad!!

  8. I'm new to your blog -- it's such a delight to read! These lights are so much fun -- definitely loveable.


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