day 1 - laguna niguel

Day 1 was actually a really long day for me. I found out the night before I was supposed to leave that my first flight was delayed, meaning I'd miss my connecting flight from Philadelphia to LAX, so I had to get US Airways (who were very kind and helpful by the way) to put me on an earlier flight going to Philly...the only thing was, I had to get up at 5:00 that morning! So I ended up not going to bed in California until 5:30 Virginia time! I'd do it again though because we had so much fun talking vulgar, eating cheeses and drinking something delicious Dan made for us!

I actually don't really have that many pictures of day one, or any day for that matter, and I think it's because I was having such a good time, I forgot to get my camera out! Kassi's sweet little girls kept snatching my camera so they could play photographer, too, so the last two pictures are from Tannyn and Tayli!

Kassi's house, as well as Orange County in general, was so pretty! I couldn't wait to see the way she decorated it, after seeing pictures on her blog. Let me just tell you, the pictures don't do it justice! Dan (her hubs) and I beat Kassi, Brandi and Lauren back to the house, so I was a little nervous for the big meeting, but it went great, and I felt like we were old friends who'd known each other for years!

Here are some fun giveaways that I wouldn't mind winning! This one, and this one.


  1. talking vulgar - hahahahaha
    thank you so much for the sweet compliments on my house... :) and did taylli or tannyn take that last pic? it turned out pretty good!

  2. your house is so pretty it makes me want to rethink mine! i told dan before we walked in that i couldn't wait to see everything in person!

    tannyn took those last two pictures. i think you may have a photographer on your hands!

  3. it was awesome!!!!! we all loved eachother and yes their house is amazing!!!!!! i love it!

  4. Glad your having a good time! :)


  5. you look super cute in your plaid shirt!!! <3

  6. Ohlavallee Summer JewelryJune 21, 2010 at 1:25 PM

    I love the Beach sign!!! What a cute home!!! :)


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