kitten update...and flojo, too!

If you remember from an earlier post, I became the mother to little kittens one Saturday afternoon after Chris discovered that their mother had been hit and killed by a car. Well, the babies that were once 4 ounces and fit in one hand are now about 13 ounces (it's difficult to tell for sure because they never hold still), six weeks old and so full of energy, just watching them makes me tired! The kittens are so cute and sweet, I find myself spending hours at a time just watching them play; I love the innocence of baby animals!

Although I may spend lots and lots of time playing with the kittens, that fact is, Flojo (aka Dinosaur Toes, aka Nutty, aka Kooky, aka Misses Baby) is my one and only, so I can't exclude her! Usually she doesn't like having her picture taken because she prefers attaking the camera, but today she was such a good little model!

I went to the pool this afternoon and spent time with my Grandma, and she force fed me cookies, brownies (no, I don't really like chocolate, but something about Grandma's brownies are so good...maybe the nostalgia) and coke. I got some sun, which can be difficult for me since I'm pale like an albino, but of course it was all almost completely gone by the time I got home! So, I'm going to do it again tomorrow with friends, and hopefully I'll have a tan to show for it! What have you done this weekend? Gotten in any swimming this summer?


  1. Just got back from the pool and have all the pinkness to prove it. :( YIKES! I love lying in the sun, but be careful out there . . . that sun can be vicious!

    OMG I can't stand how cute those kittens are; it's too much to handle! xoxo

  2. Those baby kittens are friggen awesome. And yes, I swam a buttload when I went to Florida on vacation.

  3. Oh those kittens are so cute!! Flojo looks very handsome too.

  4. went to the pool yesterday and got a wee bit crispy..though nothing too bad. it was oh so nice.

    I adore baby animals. In a perfect world I would foster baby tigers ♥


  5. hahhaa that birdy is too much! such a model! kitties are precious!!!!!!! you are the sweetest<3

  6. Oh my, I love their adorable big kitten eyes!

  7. I wish I could go swim with some of my friends...sigh...
    I have a full-time job this summer + a move to plan...
    Have fun with your friends tomorrow!
    All your "animal family" looks so cute!

  8. YAAAAAAAAAY!!! Flojo pictures!!! I love seeing photos your your beautiful bird baby! and those kitties are sooo cute! how can you stand it? I love when they are little like that and their heads look so big like bobble kitty dolls! so cute!!! I went swimming yesterday at high tide (the best time for swimming, I think!), it was colder than the day before, but refreshing none the less!

  9. I've done a lot of working on my tan this summer, what with being out of school and all.. it's been nice but i'm a little worried about my multiplying amounts of freckles! haha

    p.s. Flojo is so pretty! you guys are brave taking on those little kittens, what with them being so small and everything!

  10. ohmygosh! Those kitties are the cutest thing ive ever seen!

  11. cute little kitties and cute little birdy :).

    hope you got a tan while you were out swimming!


  12. Oh my goodness, those animal pictures are stupid CUTE! I can't stop looking and craving play time with all your pets. You are one luck mama to be surrounded by such cuties and that Chris is just as into saving animals as you. Good luck with the tanning. I here a little bit everyday with sunscreen is better than the occasional bake fest so be careful out there :)
    bebos, k

  13. aww...
    too cute.

    the last swim i took was in a river.
    i long for a lazy day by the pool.

  14. why do gmas always force feed you!!!! gee!!!! fat foods galore!
    the kittens and flojo are precious!

  15. the kittens are cute, but flojo is GORGEOUS! I'm hoping to get my first swim in this weekend!

  16. Ahh the first shot is so cute! Attack of the GIANT KITTY HEAD!!!


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