wishlist wednesday!

Today's wish list is inspired by my love of bunting. I don't care if it's paper or fabric, inside or out, over a door or a window, I just love bunting! I've made quite a few strands of it myself from a combination of different fabrics I was lucky enough to inherit from people looking to de-clutter, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to have some made by someone else using fabrics I've never had. I especially like the look of bunting made with vintage floral fabrics; it reminds me of my childhood twin sized bed with hand-me-down sheets from the 60's and 70's. I loved those big, bright floral patterns!

source: vintage greeting card garland, vintage floral heirloom handkerchief banner, bouquet vintage linens banner, vintage floral bias binding.

First, let me say that I just discovered the LiliaRose etsy shop today, and I'm in love. It was an instant favorite, and if I hadn't already decided to do a wish list on bunting, I would have made my wish list from her shop only! Well, there's always next week! Second, I know the bias tape isn't bunting, but could you imagine how pretty it would be if you used it to make bunting? I know I definitely want it...and I just may need to own it.

If you want to play along and share a wish list of your own, link back to me from your post, then leave a link to your wish list in the comments section. I can't wait to see what you find!


  1. at the top of my wishlist is for time to go faster, i am ready for a 3 day weekend....

    somehow...i don't think my wish will come true.

    hope you are having a good day

  2. They are all so so so pretty! I too love bunting. My old work used to have Nepalese prayer flags.. which are the square blue, red, green etc flags and I loved it. PRETTY! xo

  3. i definitely plan to hang some in my soon to be home.
    i'm excited!

  4. I had no idea this was called bunting... but I love it too!!! soo much!

  5. Yes, yes, so pretty! And I'm totally with you on the big bright floral prints--they are so cheerful and lovely. xoxo.

  6. i heart bunting and you chose some really pretty ones :).

  7. THE WEBSITE LOOKS AMAZING!!!! great job!
    so proud of you!!!!
    so now you can swim away all weekend!

  8. Have you seen:


    (they also have a cheaper one string version!)

  9. i've been wanting some good bunting so bad! you found some really great ones too. love the second to last photo.


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