just the four of us

Well, I've only been home for 14 hours, and 7 of it was spent sleeping, but I'm already itching to go on another trip to hang out with Kassi, Brandi and Lauren again. I had so much fun on our blogger/friend meet up, and I just wasn't ready to leave! I knew they were amazing from their blogs and emails, but I was so excited to find that they were even more awesome in person!

I know, this isn't really the best picture, but like the rest of me, my arms are pretty short, so this is what I got! I've got lots more pictures to share, but to be honest, I'm still all groggy from jet lag and getting used to east coast time again, so they'll be showing up for the next few days.

So I took this picture in Costa Mesa, CA in the last few hours i had with them before I met up with my friend Haley who I stayed with for the last part of the trip.

And, in case you remember a previous post about my fears regarding the Philadelphia airport, I can tell you that it is nothing like people said it was. It's nice, clean, and has all the food you could ever want. See, I wasted all that time worrying about nothing! The flights there and back were fine (with the exception of the rocky landing in Phoenix) and I feel like a big girl having solo flying under my belt! Next flight, please!


  1. heehee you are sooooo tiny!
    i love this photo for the reason you wrote - your tiny little self trying to get a pic of all four of us!
    it was a great weekend! i do wish though, that i had been more myself and not feeling so blah due to it being 'that time'.
    so glad you got home safe.
    you're the cutest!!

    ps. got your email! crazy! i'll write you back tonight when i don't have the girls distracting me!

  2. you were in phoenix! next time call me! we can have tea and crumpets with the cactus!

  3. all of you are SO beautiful! oh my goodness.

  4. I love all the nose rings! Sounds like it was super fun! Glad your airport experience was okay there because we fly there about once a year when we visit my relatives in Hershey and I don't think I've ever had a good experience at that airport.. haha!

  5. {I wrote a comment earlier but my internet went out} but i was saying how irritated i was for being so behind on google reader, i had no idea you were THIS close!! I'm glad you had a blast!!

  6. On my trip to the US we also arrived in Philiadelphia and I found it ok, too! I'm always afraid, that I don't find the right gate or anything but it was really easy.
    I am glad you had a great time!
    I love the picture, you all are so beautiful!

  7. cant wait to hear more about your trip!
    How exciting to meet up with blog friends!

  8. Everybody looks gorgeous! <3 Hope your okay! :D


  9. sweet! thanks for the tweet! off to play tennis in my convection oven.

  10. i am so glad the airport was a good experience. and thankful you made it home safe :)

  11. my bangs are crazy! thanks california wind :).

    i'm so glad i got to meet you. you're pretty much adorable. and i'm glad we both navigated the airports like big kids :).


  12. Thats really sweet. You all look like you had a great time.

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