from austin powers go-go dancer to modern day: an outfit post

friends, before i go any further, please let me say that the sun is BAAACK! and so is my good mood! whew, i was getting a little worried there! anyway, the sun is back, i have a new dress, and christmas is almost here! now if i could just figure out a way to work on getting the snow here... anyway, i bought myself a gift on cyber monday from lulu*s and i was so happy when i saw the UPS man in my drieway on monday because i knew my dress had arrived!

jean jacket: american eagle, dress: lulu*s, belt: forever 21, blouse: vintage, boots: vintage, socks (which you can't really see but are cute and comfy): target

i knew today was supposed to be chillier, with a high only in the upper 40's, and since this dress is sleeveless, i knew i'd need something other than a jacket over it to stay warm while i had to be outside. enter the bag of clothes in my bedroom floor waiting to be taken to the goodwill. i have this 1970's vintage blouse that i've never worn but have had in my possession for several years now. it was one of those deals where i liked the print, knew it was just my size, and couldn't pass it up at only $3, so i got not really knowing if i'd wear it or not. all i can say is, i'm glad i've hung on to it all this time because it turned out to be the perfect match for this dress! i got chris to take my picture today, and since i get all shy and worked up high on giggle juice when he's behind the camera, i completely forgot to get him to take a closeup picture of the neck tie on the dress and the pretty floral pattern on the blouse. crap!

okay, so to clarify the title of this post, the blouse is very vintage, and the dress without a belt has a straight shape, so without the addition of the belt and the jacket, all i could think about was how it would work perfectly if i wanted to be one of the go-go dancers in austin powers (you know, with the awful white patent leather boots).

so that's my story. i hope you've had a good thursday!


  1. You look so beautiful. And it must be said that you have the perfect body. I'm JEALOUS! Also, I went to see Like Crazy the other day, and the lead girl reminded me of you. And the lead guy reminded me of Busy Bee Lauren's husband. :)

  2. Stinking awesome dress!
    I want to see more of it. Can you do a three ways to style version of this?
    I miss you Beansie! We have lots of catching up to do.

  3. claire, i kid you not, you make me blush. and just so you know, my thighs are not cullulite-free ;)

    carla! yeah, i do need to show more of it. since it's such a simple style in a solid color, i have so many ways i want to wear it, so i'll plan to show it again, and remember to show MORE of it just for you!

  4. the sun isn't back for us :( you look cute!!!

  5. thanks, marsy ;) hey, you got snow and i didn't, so i don't want to hear it! hahaha!

  6. you have the prettiest cheek bones! Is that a weird comment? I mean, I suppose its walking on a fine line... but every outfit post I never fail to admire your cheek bones! heehee.
    there semi-weird comment end.


  7. desiree, that's not weird at all, and in fact, i'm flattered! thank you!

  8. You look dreamy in that outfit! I love it....but I also sorta love ya, you always look so neat and put together too! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  9. I love it, it's a perfect style for you! I would like to see more of that blouse too ;)
    toni x
    p.s. I have just done a post on the howlite necklace a bought of you ages ago.

  10. beautiful! love those boots and that dress!

  11. Those are GREAT boots! Love your jewelry, I included it in my Gift Guide for the rock collector

  12. i second Carla, 3 ways to style it.
    i like that dress. i always seem to buy shapeless dresses that just make me look like a tent, and I am hopeless with belts, that being said, you do this one well.

  13. Oh, you look darling! Loving the jacket and boots! XO

  14. Ugh I'm so sad your boots are vintage. I seriously love them.

    And great lulu's find! They have some lovely dresses!


  15. You look so sweet. Love that dress and those boots :)

  16. absolutely love this outfit!!! what a beautiful dress! <3(:


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