mustard, hearts, and (faux) fur: an outfit post

two things i love when it comes to clothing and accessories are the color mustard yellow, and faux fur (side note about fur: i would rather be hit by a train than ever buy real fur, and even when i've seen real vintage fur in a thrift store, i've still struggled with what i think about buying it because of my stance on buying fur). another thing i'm starting to love - maybe because i don't have a choice since it's too cold for bare legs - is fun or colorful tights.

faux fur collar: vintage (ebay), sweater: forever 21 about 9 years ago, jacket: proenza schouler for target, skirt: forever 21, tights: target (clearance for $1.58!!!!!), boots: vintage, my favorite brooch: gift

i went to target about a month or so ago wanting to find either olive green, teal, or mustard yellow tights. i found olive green and mustard yellow, and just as i was about to leave the hosiery section i saw these heart tights. at first i wasn't sure what to think (i mean, i'm almost 30, and do i really want to wear the same tights as an 8-year-old?), but the more i looked at them i started to think that i could tone the hearts down, and then when i saw the price that pretty much sealed the deal. do you get as excited about finding such as steal as i do?

i want to tell you about chrismas and the tacky sweater party, but since i still have to sort through all of that, i figured i'd go the easy route and pimp my clothes. i hope you had a wonderful holiday!


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  2. oh, that fuuuurrrr! love it!
    i'm all about sequins and fake furrr these holidays..
    or better - want it, but have no guts for it. :)

  3. i love mustard yellow too! i have faux fur on a jacket of mine and whenever it is laying on the sofa, both tom and i think it is the cat! hehe

  4. Oh girl, I love faux fur, but someone was talking the other day about how that still glamorizes fur. Which I actually hadn't thought about. Hmph. :( I just like furry soft things! haha

  5. i LOVE this outfit post. mustard mixed with gray tones is a perfect match. and yes, i love a bargain. especially at target when you see something that low it makes you so excited ;)

  6. You are so cute :) I agree with you on the fur-buying.

  7. i love this mustard color on you - so cute!

    just wanted to stop by and say hello. i know it's been ages...i'm just so ridiculously busy/tired. being pregnant is apparently a lot of work. but i thought i was long overdue for a comment. i still read, but commenting just seems like so much work....i'm lame...i know :(.

    hope you're having a fantastic holiday season friend!

  8. I love that yellow skirt. so much.

  9. I love that mustard colour skirt! When I was in f21 they only had teeny tiny short mustard skirts :( Your tights are super cute too!!

  10. Ooh I love your outfit (: looks gorgeous - and you've gotta love a bit of mustard ;D ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  11. Oh my goodness, I absolutely adore this outfit. I too, have an obsession with mustard yellow. What a great price for those tights. They look great with the outfit! Best wishes for a lovely 2012!



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