built around a sweater: an outfit post

we're having that crazy fall weather where it's 25 degrees when i get up and leave, but 60 degrees by the afternoon, so layers are pretty much as important as, oh, i don't know, air and french fries. i've been wanting to wear this skirt for a while now, but they when i looked through my armoire, i decided that i wanted to wear this sweater beca gave me even more than i wanted to wear the skirt, so it's a good thing the two could be worn together!

jean jacket: american eagle, sweater: (vintage) gift from my girl beca, chiffon skirt: vintage, tights (which are striped but you can't see in the pictures): target, shoes: payless, necklace: i made it.

i love that necklace, and i'm glad i sat down with chris to look at his coin collection. i permanently borrowed a 1930's buffalo nickel from him which i think makes the perfect pendant!

i hope you guys have a good weekend! i know i will because pop and i are going back to the trails for some more bike riding saturday evening and i can't wait!


  1. I love this outfit! It's just so perfectly paired! Have fun on your bike ride & yay for presents from great friends! =)

  2. I adore that green skirt!

    Great outfit!


  3. That sweater is perfect for you! It's funny because the estate sale I found it at, the lady must have been exactly your size, because all of her clothes were vintage and itty bitty. I was looking for a flowy peasant shirt for you, but this guy came home with me instead.
    This outfit is great, I especially love the green with the leopard print. Such a good combo.

  4. Cute outfit, Danielle! I almost bought leopard wedges today. I thought of you!

  5. You look amazing as always. That skirt is gorgeous, I love the color.

  6. @anni-herz, thank you!

    @cal, i can't wait until you and i can bike ride together and have a no hands competition!

    @lea, thank you!

    @beca, oh man, i probably would have passed out if you found a hippie top! but i love, love, love the sweater, and it's the perfect fit!

    @jen, leopard wedges are the best, and i'm not quite sure how i survived without them! hahaha.

    @caitlin, thank you! green is definitely my favorite color, and that pretty much sold me on the skirt ;)

  7. Good outfit. I'm enjoying the jumper and denim jacket combo!

    I'm envious of the weather you're having. It's horrible here in the UK. It's cold and rainy UGH.

  8. Yay Beca! The sweater is perfect for Danielle :) and green is really your colour D xo

  9. love the skirt sweetie and i love it with those leopard shoes!

  10. FABULOUS!!!!



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