navy dress number two: an outfit post

the last time i wore this dress, carla and beca said they'd like to see it worn three ways, and when my friends want something, something they shall receive. i knew that today i wanted to wear shoes that were flat (thanks to a new pair of shoes that left a blister on one of my toes no smaller than the state of virginia) and my new tights. and then i figured, well, if i'm wearing comfy shoes, why not go ahead and show comfort who's boss by wearing clothes that are almost as good as pajamas? enter the navy dress worn the second way.

sweater: target (gift from chris), dress: lulu's (gift from myself), sweater tights: target (gift from chris, necklace: maurice's (gift from my sister), boots: vintage/thrifted, camera used: olympus (gift from beca) i pretty much wanted to just add gift to everything to let the givers know how much i appreciate it :)

as i was wearing this outfit, feeling like i could fall asleep, i decided two things: 1. it's good to wear when you're bloated and sucking in doesn't help, and 2. it's good to wear when you know you're going to eat too much and you can't suck in even if you want to. oh yeah, that's my kind of outfit - the kind that transitions from everyday to over-eaters anonymous seamlessly. i also painted my fangurnails last night because i'm really starting to like grey polish. also, today is the first time i've worn my hair down and straightened in about three weeks. yeah, now i remember why i don't straighten it more often...

and one last thing. i don't know if you read beca's blog (if you don't, you should), but i was so excited a month or so ago when she told me that she was getting a violin for christmas, and then yesterday she posted a video of herself playing! i played a violin for years and years, and still have one but don't play often thanks to the nerve damage that came from drilling a hole through my finger (it's pretty painful), so i couldn't wait to hear how she was coming along and what she'd learned, etc. then when i found out that she's moving to tennessee and playing a violin, my brain just automatically made my start thinking of beca when i listened to this song and vice versa. they're both awesome. wow, i talked a lot about beca, didn't i? i'm her stalker.


  1. If by stalker you mean one of my best friends, then yes, stalker.
    I think I like this outfit the best because I would wear it. I like comfort, and flat boots and sweater tights.
    I'm so embarrassed by my violin playing. It's so bad, but I'm excited to get better.
    Love you lots pal!

  2. one of my favorite songs. i really want to learn the banjo part!

  3. helloooo. caitlin said that the three of us are long lost sisters. so i thought (as your estranged sister) i should go ahead and make myself known.

    hi. i am deanna. and we have never met.

  4. Everything about this post is awesome! The dress, necklace, violins, Beca, grey nail polish (I need some!!). Except....drilling through your finger!!! Gah!!! I think I'm going to pass out!
    Toni :)

  5. Dude, that's why I'm already wearing maternity shirts. I can eat whatever the hell I want and no one can tell. Although if anyone ever asks me when I'm due, I might kick a baby at them.

  6. this outfit screams comfort. i love it. i'm all about comfort these days ;) and that necklace. i am in love!

  7. You look gorgeous, as always! I played the violin for many years too, I wish I was still somewhat decent at it!

  8. Love the outfit, the white tights are so cute!! Makes me wish it was colder here =/

  9. I'm totally going to steal your "odd man out" nail polish color scheme. Too cute!


  10. I love your ideas , they are always so fresh and delicious.


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