i hate jeans.

i don't really like to blog when i feel like i'm going to be spewing negativity like an erupted volcano, but sometimes, dammit, i just want to say what i'm thinking! i know i have a lot of good, positive things in my life, and i'm not making light of those, but sometimes i just feel like the negative is what really stays on the forefront of my mind whether i want it to or not. one thing that's got me annoyed (which, truly, is the absolute LEAST important thing on my mind, but annoying nonetheless) is jeans, and more importantly, the people who make them. dear jean maker, i am not 5'10" with twig legs, nor do i want to get a brazilian wax just to be able to wear your low cut jeans.

i don't actually smile when i think of jeans, so that picture is a complete misrepresentation of my true feelings regarding the denim devils. on saturday grandma and i went out to get some more stones for jewelry, and do get a few groceries. you'd think it would be easy enough to throw on some clothes and leave, right? wrong. i know i'm partially to blame because i don't exercise as much as i should considering the amount of food i eat, but i know i'm not the only one who can't seem to find a decent pair of jeans that are made for a real, human body. i finally just settled on these because it was either that or stay at home and have a pity party. i've been in public, and i know i'm not the only woman with a round but and meat on her thighs, so why is it that jeans aren't made to accommodate my body type? i'm not even kidding, getting dressed when i know that i'll be wearing pants just puts me in a bad mood.

luckily though i did have a few things i liked about this outfit, like the pretty vintage rhinestone bird brooch that micaela gave me last year, the suede ankle boots i got at target last year, and the comfy vintage sweater with lace at the neck that i thrifted for a massive $3.

do you have the same problem with jeans? if you do, where have you found some that you've liked? or have you found any yet that you like?

i guess i'm done complaining. but i'm pretty sure i'll keep sitting here thinking about the things going on right now that stress and irritate me, and maybe later i'll go to read my book club book but have a pity party instead. you never know.


  1. My favorite place to get jeans in the whole world is Alloy. I am actually 5'10" and so finding longs are always an issue! They have lots of lengths usually from petite to uber long and not high prices! Love them!!! Good luck in your jean quest! Now go forth and conquer! :)


  2. I *only* wear jeans. I don't really like skirts, though I want to get into the habit of wearing them - same with dresses. I love how they look, except not on me. :P Anyway, YES. I totally hear you.

    For a girl my size (my size being 185lbs) I have decent legs, they're pretty thin. Same with my UPPER tummy. My lower tummy, butt and thigh area? Uh, yeah. No. They are quite large. *I* don't have that much of a problem with my weight, I want to lose some pounds but not OMG SO BADLY. However, when buying jeans it's like... curses.

    They go up fine, until they meet my hips. >.<!!! I also HATE sizing jeans. I wear a 14 in one style/brand, try to buy a new pair and they are gassssssp-worthy tight. Which is why, right now, I have one pair of jeans that are falling apart! Blah!

    Okay, ranting over. ;) You look adorable!

  3. yea i have a hard time with jeans too, they make the thigh waaaay too big and im 5'5" so i hate pull off super long jeans. what has really worked for my body type is high waisted jeans. they are my favorite to wear and i have no problems with any more :)

  4. I'm always wearing jeans, but I have a terrible time finding pairs I like or that fit well, too. I have the same issues. So if I find jeans that fit my thighs, they don't fit my waist and vice versa. It's really annoying. I've taken to wearing belts and longer shirts which helps. I think Levi's Perfectly Slimming style is the best fit I've found yet since it's my only pair of jeans that I don't have to wear a belt with.

    I've got designs on switching over to skirts (they're just like jeans, really. I can put any top with them). It's just harder in a winter climate cuz I get cold so quickly. There's always that keeping warm thing. Legs? Feet? What boots do I wear? That's the only thing holding me back from a life of skirts.

  5. I haven't worn jeans in years. I HATE THEM. I hate the way they feel on my waist, I hate that they give me a muffin top, and I never feel confident in them. I wish this weren't the case, cause they look so easy & casual on other people. And I like the way they look on other people, oftentimes. But I HATE THEM ON ME and I simply do not wear them.

    Sometimes I think if I were skinnier that I'd wear them, but that's dumb, right? Like you said, all people should be able to wear jeans. Or just wear dresses and skirts every day like us and bitch about jeans!

  6. I have yet to meet a single woman who has no problem finding jeans. I have a proportionately big ass and hips, and short legs. Either pants fit my hips and are way too long, or are tight in the hips and far too short. So, amen sister!

  7. Girrrrl! I gotta tell you. Best jeans on earth...pajama jeans. :) But...you can't be very picky about how you look, or have high standards in term of appropriateness. I swear I'd live in those things...if only people wouldn't guess that I am wearing the same pair of pants every day :). Hearts, Janna Lynn

  8. Amen!!!! and I'm sooo lovin your brooch! Adorable -and it reminds me of Hunger Games:)

  9. glam, i used to get their catalogs all the time but only ever ordered shoes and shirts. i'll have to look at the jeans sometime!

    angie, i know what you mean about the butt & thigh area. according to jeans, that's my problem area! and sizing, it's anyone's guess how they figure that. in some brands, a size 0 is too big, while a size 3 in another brand is snug!

    cb, i've never actually found any high waist jeans, but i've wanted a pair for a while now!

    kristen, i've heard several people talk about levi's being good for women who don't have twig legs, but it's been forever since i've owned a pair, so maybe i'll have to try them on!

    claire, i think wearing dresses (since we feel more confident in them anyway) and bitching about jeans sounds like a really good plan!

    caitlin, that's the same problem i have, it's nuts. why can't jean makers listen to us?!

    janna, i saw those and wondered how they looked when worn! they look comfy in the box!

    andrea, i still haven't read hunger games, but i want to so bad!

  10. I love the picture of you smiling and
    then the sentence where you say you aren't happy in the jeans
    It made me snicker.
    And I hate snickers.

    No. No I don't.

  11. um yeah, i have the exact same problem with clothes in general. i am inbetween adult and kids clothes too, which is frustating! plus i actually have a butt... so yeah, i fight daily with what to wear!
    on a lighter note, i love that sweater! i am totally jealous!!!


  12. I hear ya! I have the worst time finding jeans. Not only am I not stick thin, I'm also short which creates many problems as most jeans are not made in petite sizes. I have found that the straight leg jean works best for me but am still looking for that perfect brand.

  13. I am 5'8 and a size 12. All in the hips/butt thigh area. Jeans are the devil. Though my favorite pair are from Urban Outfitters. I believe they are the high rise cigarette leg pair. There is enough stretch to go over curvy parts and still flatter and as for the higher waist, it helps hug in my hips with no muffin top. I live in them. Though, I am scared to try and by another pair because we all know that no two pairs will ever fit the same!


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