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So, I made my Christmas list a little early. I know, I know, I'm too old to make a Christmas list, but it doesn't mean I don't covet these little treasures and secretly (or not so secretly) wish they were mine! I put it on Facebook, and if all goes as planned, my husband just may be paying attention!

Pyrite cluster necklace by acommonthread on Etsy, $30.
Fox claw necklace gold vermeil by Odettenewyork on Etsy, $125.
Bee beard by ohmycavalier on Etsy, $23.
Knife blade silverware earrings by ballandchain on Etsy, $18.
Wing by ohmycavalier on Etsy, $23.
Vintage shabby pink frame by littlebyrdvintage on Etsy, $12.
Amethyst wedge necklace by crumpetcake on Etsy, $27.

And one more that I would really, really like to have seems to have eluded the wishlist collage. That little gem would be... camel twisted cowl by sanchia845 on Etsy, $35.

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  1. I agree with your wish list wholeheartedly..such good choices :)


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