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At the ripe old age of 27, I've finally decided that I'm ready to try and have a baby (Mr. Dinosaur Toes has been ready for the last two years). There's only one problem...I don't have health insurance. With one good kidney and one bad kidney, it's a little scary to go it alone when, as of a few months ago, it would cost an uninsured American woman right at $10,000 to have a baby. It's super frustrating trying to decipher insurance lingo, deductible this, max out-of-pocket that, but in my present situation, it's a necessary evil. Having said that, I thought this was hilarious and wanted to share it. Maybe I should have thought twice before marrying my uninsured type 1 diabetic husband. Hmmmm...

Found at owlyshadowpuppets on Etsy, $12.

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  1. congratulations on being ready to have a baby! and yep, the insurance stuff sucks! hope you guys figure it out all out! i LOVE your blog and Etsy shop by the way! very lovely and inspiring!


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