carefully curated...for my liking

I'm never able to keep track of when the treasury spots are opening, and on the off chance I DO happen to get one, I'm at a complete loss. All the hype gets me nervous and worked up so I forget what sort of treasury I wanted to make to begin with! Anyway, I was looking through my favorites today (because sometimes I just feel like buying stuff), and I thought, "Danielle, I do believe this looks like it would make a nice treasury." So, here it is, kids.

I'm too lazy to make all the shop names links, but here they are starting at the top left: littlebyrdvintage, anticovalore, contrary, lostandfawned, littlebyrdvintage, mkendall, olivevintage, storybookcharm, dkim, knittwits. Of course I hope these sellers have success and sell lots, but then again, I wish they would stay for sale until I could get them all :)

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