silver lining

I've recently become completely smitten with all things silver and tarnished. Forget "old is gold," as I think the more appropriate term would be, "old is tarnished, greyed, darkened, slightly worn silver!" In my perusing, I've come across a few pieces on Etsy that I'd rather not live without, but because I'm a bit of a cheapskate, I probably will.

Silverplate teapot from saltydoghome on Etsy, $68.

Tin square boxes from Hindsvik on Etsy, $25.

Industrial mail wire basket set from AMradio on Etsy, $16.

Vintage large silver plated serving tray from IslandBunnyExchange on Etsy, $25.99.

And just because I like the song, which happens to have the same title as this blog post, here's Rilo Kiley for your listening pleasure.

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  1. Thanks for posting our baking trays and also thanks for posting the video! We're big Rilo Kiley fans over here at Hindsvik ;)


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