thrift store score

Maybe it's from living in a house filled with antiques as a child. Maybe it's from spending so much time with my mom at flea markets and antique shops when I was young. Or maybe it's because I've got an old soul. For some reason, I'm just not thrilled with the new things, but I swoon over those gems with chips, scratches, tarnishing, and little stories to tell of a previous life. If I'm not at home, you'll probably find me in one of three thrift or junk shops! I'm not finished photographing all of my finds, but here are a few!

From my first trip, I got a huge old brass frame with rosettes in the corners and filigree edges. Again, keeping with the "old is gold" theme, I won't put an ornament on my tree unless it's older than me! I got this box of glittered glass balls, and by the look of the box, I'd say they are from the 60's or 70's...$2! The pretty mirror with roses isn't super old, but I know it's lived a life by the age spots on the mirror and the faded look of the silver. I can't wait to hang it!

I fell in love with these aged aluminum tart molds! I put a little plant in one and I figure I'll use the other two for the intended purpose. $1 for the set.

My absolute favorite find from that trip is this little dreamboat of a tray! Oxidized and aged to perfection, It has the sweetest little bow attached to one end, and it'll be perfect in any room in my house! I'm not sure where or how I'll use it yet, but it makes a great magnetic memo board with the magnets I made to sell in my shop!


  1. Great finds! I think I have a long lost metal tray somewhere in my stash ... I am going to try to find it tomorrow to show off my little painting magnets. Thanks for jogging my memory!

  2. Well, you're very welcome! Don't you just love being able to reuse something that would otherwise remain hidden in your basement or attic??? Makes me happier than a kid on Halloween!


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