Last night, Mr. Dinosaur Toes and I went to dinner with friends and then came back home for a few rounds of Rook. Unfortunately, I didn't get much playing done as I think the cooks at the restaurant were trying to kill me! My food wasn't cooked like it should have been, but I was too shy to say anything, and now my stomach is telling me I should have spoken up! I hope I'm feeling better REALLY soon because I have laundry to do for my trip, and today is the last day I have to do it!

Coat hanger necklace from charms4you on Etsy, $10.

After the laundry is finished, I've got to get busy drilling some shell casings because I only have 4 left! A friend of mine gave me a whole container full of spent casings yesterday which I really appreciate, and as much as I love shooting a handgun, I'm just not sure I have the time today to fit anything else in! So kids, the moral of this story is - you can expect to see some new bullet necklaces in the shop soon, and a few new stones!

Until I return from my trip with thousands of pictures, au revoir!

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