wishlist wednesday...on a thursday!

yesterday afternoon i started to get some pictures together of things i wanted to add to my wish list, and it wasn't difficult to decide on a theme considering what i'd spent much of the day doing: rearranging things in my house! when you rearrange things in your house, does it give you new decorating ideas and make you want new stuff? it does for me! i didn't get around to blogging yesterday though because of my weekly chat with carla. i feel like i could talk to her straight through a three day stretch and still not want to hang up. she's just that rad. so here are a few things i'd like to add to my house...

from the top: item #1, #3, #6 from lisa b retro style 2, #2 from emma loves xxx, #4 from oh buoy, #5 from nice.

if you asked chris, he'd say i had a lamp obsession and addiction. and if you asked micaela, she'd say i had a frame obsession and addiction. i'd say they're both wrong. it's just a healthy love affair! speaking of frames and lamps, i think i need to go do some thrifting sometime soon...

also, in case you were wondering, yes, i have been practicing the worm. i kind of have the basic move down (although sometimes it's just a general smash), but i can't get it smooth like the pros, and i also can't get that high off the floor. i need to get better at it though, because i want to randomly bust out the worm the next time carla and i get together.


  1. That is one lovely magazine rack. I wish I had the thrifting skills you and Micaela have.

  2. i'm in love with that magazine rack..so cute! nice picks my lady!

  3. i looove those lamps! love your style. xo

  4. I love that magazine rack. It's so unique! The picture frames are also really great. They'd definitely come home with me!
    It's kind of funny how completely serious you are when talking about doing the worm. It puts an odd picture in my head. Practicing the worm. I guess it had to start somewhere! ;)

  5. Do yoga...it'll help! ;) Also, I'm stealing that magazine rack from Mars & keeping that & the chair. =) I love having friends you can chat with & not get bored.

  6. Will we get a video of you doing the worm? I really hope so!

    and as always, I love your list. especially that sparkly banner and those lamps! love!

  7. i'm so obsessed with that fringe banner. i think i'm gonna make me one. LOVE. and carla totally is rad. as are you.

    and your tweets back and forth make me laugh, a lot :)

    i love that Love always!
    and the Eagles!!!!!
    you have great taste my friend!!!

  9. omg I JUST made a post with the same title lol! I swear I didn't even know you had posted this today ....

    Anyway... I am loving the "Love Always" banner <3(: and I'm loving your blog's banner a lot too!


  10. this might be my most favorite wish list of yours! i really love that magazine rack & the "love always"

    ha "healthy love affair"-- i like that one :)

    man oh man, i haven't been thrifting in forever but i just know in my heart nothing will compare to our estate specialist -- the place AND the company.

    you have to PROMISE to show a video of you doing the worm! lol please please please!!!


  11. The key to a smooth worm is core strength and the height comes from your arms. With that said I haven't done the worm in years, so good luck!

  12. Grant won some break dancing trophies...did you know that? He probably has valuable worm advice.

  13. The new Nice banners are awesome. My newest decoration is a beautiful painting from my parents' house that I've been bugging them for for years. I guess my mom finally decided I'm grown up enough to have it! Have a great weekend.


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