would you call me crazy if i told you...

in all honesty, i didn't really have anything in particular to blog about today, but since it's been a few days, i felt like i needed to, and i also wanted to because i miss you when i disappear! i've had a pretty busy weekend, and a busy last few days, but it's the kind of busy where you look back and ask yourself, "what did i even do?" anyway, when i see that the ole blog gets some new followers (hello, hello!), i like to do a sort get to know me type post, but instead of doing the regular "i live ..., my favorite food is...." post, i thought i'd mix it up a little! we all think, like and do things that may be strange to other people, so why not share that part of myself! so, would you call me crazy if i told you...

...i like to give chris piggyback rides, even though he's 6'2" and 170 lbs, and i'm 5'2" and 100lbs?

...i think there is a ghost in my house even though i have no proof?

...i believe that wearing my citrine necklace brings me success?

...i wonder what's going on in other dimensions and how they compare to this one?

...i'm afraid of the dark?

...i'm too lazy to eat citrus fruits?

...i can sometimes feel my great grandma beside me, even though she's been gone for 18 years?

...i can't sleep without ear plugs?

...once i start eating steamed broccoli, i have a hard time stopping?

...i'm a huge cheapskate?

...i telepathically communicate with birds?

...i don't like the taste of wine?

how about you, what might make you crazy? how has your weekend been? if you haven't had a chance yet, please enter the GIVEAWAY for an original watercolor painting!


  1. What an adorable picture! That made me smile.

  2. You sound like the genuinely most awesome person!!

    <3 Sarah

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  4. I'm terrified of the dark, I have the same problem with broccoli and I'm very fond of giving piggybacks too.

    I can't wear scarves or roll neck jumpers when i'm eating, I don't find it easy to give people hugs and I have never been able to stick stickers onto anything because I can't commit to which thing i'd like to stick it to most. I am desperately indecisive and I read reviews of things compulsively.

    All these things make us unique though, I like the quirky habits of others, as long as they aren't offensive!

  5. I know you're crazy...and I love you that way!

  6. we need to do something about you not liking wine. that just won't do. you must try some better wine. when you come visit we'll go wine tasting :).

  7. You are totally not crazy...I always wonder what's going on in other dimensions. Probably something cool. And, at the risk of sounding nuts myself, I've had my dad 'visit' me before (he passed in 2004). I find it comforting...and not the least bit crazy. You're adorable Danielle! I love that pic! :)

  8. you're so cute. and i feel my grandma beside me as well, she passed about 5 years ago..it's definitely a nice presence!

  9. That picture is the best "family portrait" I've ever seen!

    It's NOT crazy that you don't like the taste of wine because...I don't either! I know it is supposed to be a "classy" thing to drink but I just cannot stand the taste!

    I think Mojitos are the thing to drink but that just might be my inner Cuban roots doing their thang...?

  10. Lauren & Lauren, Danielle gets tipsy when we do tastings!

    Misshey, I had fun goofing off and playing today! Love, Mister

  11. I just LOVED this post and learning about what makes you so special :) I absolutely adore that cute photo of your husband's piggy back ride! It's so funny that you said you're too lazy to eat citrus frutis because just today I was peeling a little ol Clementine thinking how much I HATE peeling oranges haha and this was the teeny version of one :) Cracks me up to come here and read that sentence :) And I thought I was one of the only ones who hated the taste of wine, good to see I'm not alone :) Also loved the thought of the other dimension thing, I often wonder the same thing. Thanks for sharing your quirks! You made me smile :)

  12. I love this post. Cute picture and most excellent facts. I think my favourite one was "I'm too lazy to eat citrus fruits". Too true, my friend, too true.

  13. Best picture EVER!
    With the broccoli, do you eat it by itself or with condiment? I was just curious about this because I am considering taking up broccoli eating.
    Um, high-fives on the citrus fruit laziness. I too suffer from this. I mean, it better be one damn good clementine if I am going to peel it...and even then, it is freaky to possibly swallow a seed.
    I'm pretty sure people think I'm crazy because I find the weirdest things hysterical. Seriously feel so odd sometimes laughing about catching a sneak peek of a football player's love handles or smiling Japanese dogs.
    I laugh alone a lot.

  14. i thought i was the only person who was too lazy to peel an orange? good to know i am not out here alone....

  15. hahaha! that picture just made my day. and so did learning these quirky facts. i never thought about it before, but i TOO am too lazy to peel citrus fruits and make it a regular fruit i eat. also, i'm with you on thinking there is a ghost in the house even with no proof! we started naming ours, molly and even have a made up story about her.

    the one about your great grandma is interesting...how does it make you feel when that happens?

    thanks for sharing with us!

    there are plenty but one weird thing about me that i just realized, is this..

    when i'm vacuuming, i'll go turrets on myself and start cursing out loud -but only when it's ON and LOUD. if i have to turn it off for a second, i'll automatically stop cursing too. then i'll turn it back on again and out comes the potty mouth.

    this is a new one. i don't know if it's due to my mind wandering while vacuuming and reacting to negative thoughts, that i only feel comfortable saying out loud when i could barely hear myself. crazy girl here!

  16. I can't be bothered to peel oranges either. The only time I felt motivated to was during christmas when the little easy-peel oranges come out. Thankfully, I have a citrus loving hubby now so he peels them for me! I no longer have to worry about scurvy!

  17. Your facts are amazing, as are you! Um, yeah...you're even cooler than I could have imagined. Let's be pen palls! =)

  18. you must drink wine!!!!
    its so goooood!!!! YUMMMMMMY kelly and I have a problem.
    come to texas and eat some tacos!

  19. LOVE lovelove that photo of you, chris and flojo, so adorable. <3

    and what do you mean by you're too lazy to eat citrus fruits? never heard that before! and the earplug thing as well, does it just help you to sleep better? or get to sleep faster?

    this was such a cute, quirky post, definitely do another one soon!

  20. what an adorable photo of you three! :D



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