it's been a crazy, mixed up new year so far.

it really has been crazy. full of emotion, stress, tears, gallons of tears, and a whole spectrum of feelings all at once. i know i haven't been around blogging or commenting for a few days, and i can't apologize, because let's face it, we're not blogging robots, we're humans and we have real lives, but hopefully i'm back for now. and i won't dish all the details of my emotional new year because i know that i could receive one or more of these three things: sympathy, understanding, or hate mail/anonymous comments which i hear are running rampant these days, and i'd rather not deal with it. wow, aren't i being weird and incredibly vague? i'm sorry. anyway, i have some new dinosaur toes jewelry to show you, and i have a new dress (thanks to my pop and stepmom, tricia, and the gift card they gave me) that i want to show you in an outfit post, but since i'm completely unprepared, i thought i'd share this video. i've always thought my pop (in case you didn't know, that's what i call my dad) was the funniest person i'd ever met. we went out to dinner with pop and tricia last week, and he was on a roll...

i'm not really sure where the "shteak and appleshaush" thing came from, but i guess when i was in about 8th grade, maybe earlier, it just became something my dad and i said as a joke. "pop, what did you eat for lunch today?" "shteak and appleshaush." always followed by laughter. so random, and it just never gets old.

anyway, i'll have something more for you tomorrow, but until then, i hope you have a happy tuesday, and i hope your new year started well!


  1. hi danielle! good for you for having such a great attitude. we all get down, and it's alright to have our little pity parties. i hope 2011 only goes uphill from here on out. xo

  2. ha haha, thats great!

    I LOOOOVE the new orb necklaces you have in the .com shop! I thinks I haves to saves me some pennies!!!

  3. haha! thats so funny. family is the best way to cheer up, for sure.

    i hope your new year gets better!

    i can't wait to see your new jewelry! i have to head over there and check it out. and hooray for new dresses!

  4. I randomly bust out "powkchops and applesawwce"
    (about 1 min in)

  5. Danielle, my friend, don't fret. Everything will fall into place.
    And why is anonymous/hate stuff so rampant? And anonymous?!
    I want to hide from my blog some days too.
    We still love you.
    Oh, and now I know where you get your sense of humor from (high-fives to your dad).
    Was I all over the place on that one?

  6. awe your dad seems awesome!!! i love dads!!

    i feel like you are going to blow up even more in 2011!! this is your year!!!


  7. hang in there! i hope you feel better!

  8. Hey girl! Oh my goodness, your dad is a trip. My dad thinks he's funny, but he's really cheesy as all heck. As in roll-your-eyes cheesy. But still, I love the old man.

    Hope you feel better! I've had a blah beginning of the new year, too. Here's hoping it looks up for all of us.

    Oh, and I'll be sending you a long, rambling email sometime this week. I agree, we need to catch up! xoxo

  9. Sorry your year has been off to a rough start :( I hope it turns around quickly!
    PS...I'm hungry, and steak + applesauce is sounding GOOD! lol.

  10. Aw, how awesome! I really hope the year gets better! Emotions are hard to combat...argh! I love your new necklaces...of course...coming from your biggest fan club out there. ;)

    I hope we get to meet in 2011 lovely!



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