soul glow and the worm.

i told you in my last blog post that on friday, chris and i were going to meet up with josh, cossandra, another chris and jen, but then keith and elizabeth ended up coming, so we had a full house for mexican fun night! anyway, josh and i have been discussing the soul glow song and commercial from the movie "coming to america" and i knew that the night couldn't end without me getting a video of such a vocal feat.

it was a night of pure indulgence: fajitas, mexican casserole that knocked my socks off, chips & guacamole, Wii competitions, the sprinkler, and my personal favorite, MANGO MARGARITAS!

now, onto the next order of business. i'm a little late at setting a new goal or resolution for myself, but i'm serious about this one. it's something i've been wanting to be able to do for years and years now, but i just never really tried because i knew i'd fail. but now, i'm ready to break out of that mindset and go for it! what is this new thing i want to do? have a look...

that's right. i want to be able to do the worm. and i'm not talking just one move, i mean i want to be able to do it all the way down the hall, or even better, all the way across my house. i can do it now on the bed because it gives me a little extra spring, but when i'm trying to worm on the floor, i basically just smash my body down and hump the floor. it doesn't sound pretty because it isn't. but i'm serious about this goal. i'll make it my mission. maybe once i master that i can move onto the windmill. little sidenote, i always wanted to breakdance!


  1. mexican night sounded (literally, with josh's vocals) most amazin! have no idea how excited i am for you about wanting to learn the worm. i hope you do master it and can show us a video some day of you doing it across your house! i too have always, and maybe still do, wanted to learn how to break.

    goodluck with this awesome resolution :]

  2. Oh my goodness, you sound like you had so much fun at mexican night!
    I love watching breakdancing! (I always wished that I could dance too)! It is totally awesome and I think a lot of people wish they could do it because, well, it is badass!
    Good luck!
    (p.s. the description of you trying to do that move across the floor sounds quite amusing!)

  3. Hahhahahaha. I sing the Soul Glo song all the time;)
    And who wouldn't listen to a band named Sexual Chocolate?!
    On the subject of the worm, I had this BLAZING idea the other night to have a blog dance challenge.
    Instead of a boring v-log, you video a dance and then you tag another blogger to challenge! Tell me that wouldn't be great?! I want to start with a shadow challenge.

  4. this post is hilarious. i learned how to do the worm a few years ago, and it's pretty life changing. you pretty much want to do it every time you find yourself lying on your stomach on a carpeted surface. haha.

    and now i really want mexican food. thank goodness i live in southern california. breakfast burritos!

  5. HILARIOUS!!!! lol that is totally one of my all time favorite movies!!! :) and josh did a great tribute ha!

    your resolution-- hilarious too! can you see why at first i thought your crush was david spade? lol!! cos he's funny too! (well to some)

    if you were here, i'd totally take you to the RUSH concert! miss you girl fiancee oxoxoxo

    Randy Watson: "Give a hand to my band, Sexual Chocolate. "

  6. Mexican night sound like so much fun. I don't even think my voice can go that high. Uh-mazing! Hehe..

    Ok, right after watching your mini worm clip, I tried it...and it was an ultimate FAIL. Why do they make the worm look so easy?!

    Good luck, girl! It would be so awesome if you could just whip out the worm at a party! :D

  7. A) Mango margaritas are my all time fave!
    B) I don't think I can get over how awesome you are. I love love love that you want to learn how to do the worm.

  8. Sounds like you had a blast! And I may need to see videographic proof of this worm dance. I wish I could break dance! I'd settle for being able to dance at all. (What they say about Latina girls being able to dance from the womb? Cruel untruth. Very cruel.)

  9. you can do the worm! you can do it :)

  10. THANKS for making me hungry...damn! Hahaha! I can just imagine you doing the worm EVERYWHERE you go...just to show off. & then it becomes like a thing you do & you can't NOT do it everywhere you go. Ha! I'm odd. But yeah, that'd be the coolest! I want to be able to do a hand stand, a front hand spring & be able to flip over once I'm in bridge position. Random acts of strength! Let's get buff!


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