wishlist wednesday!

i've known all day, and yesterday too, what i wanted to add to my wish list, but of course i wait until i have ideas for new items to be made as well as dishes to wash before i start blogging! i'm the worst at time management, but i admit it, and that's half the battle won, right? if i had to give one word that described my ideal style, and the certain je ne sais quoi i look for, it would have to be, simply, earthy. so that's the theme of my wish list today; i wanted things that looked organic, natural, and of the earth. so here you go!

find these items here (from the top): meadowmark, lock and spoon, lucky vintage seattle, julie nolan, him and her designs.

how would you describe your style, or the type of style you seem to gravitate toward? do you have a wish list to share? if you do, i hope you'll leave me a link in the comments so i can take a look!

today i've been working on my fancy clean desk, so hopefully i'll have some pictures for a what i've been working on post soon, and i've also been working with a few pictures of mine that i'm thinking about turning into black and white posters! hopefully i can get some test prints made this weekend. yay!


  1. The bag and the rings are my favorite! Love your wishlist Wednesdays!

  2. I've been thinking about this lately. What to call my "style" - it's a combination of earth & sea. Like, two rooms in my house are decorated with surf boards. I gravitate towards decorating with my bug/rock/shell collections as well as beach glass. & I'm a wood fanatic. I am enamored with burlap & hemp & would wear a million hand made/leather bracelets at once if I could. As for clothing, I can do simple skinny jeans with big sloppy thrifted shirts & I'd be happy. Shoes I could go without if it were possible which is why for 2/3's of the year I'm wearing flip flops. As for color, I'm big on neutrals with teal/green. Colors of the earth mostly. I think your style is one of my favorite ever & I wish I could explain it in simpler words. Oh! I should email you this article from Foam magazine from years ago about this home north of Malibu that is my dream. It's perfect. Oh & native american everything is always welcome. =)

  3. wow really like those twig rings! I like simple things - everything in my house has to have a purpose or meaning to it. Not a big fan of extra stuff lying around, just for the sake of extra stuff lying around. Thanks for the inspiring list!

  4. You always have the best wish lists!

    p.s. I wrote a post about etsy packages and I wanted to let you know your packaging was pictured =)


  5. yep. one of everything please. Or 3 in the case of the twig rings. You and I think alike :-D but you're probably less cluttery about it.

  6. love your wishlist this week! I can't wait to see what you make into prints, so excited!!!
    I don't know what I would call my style, mostly because I hate labeling things... I am sure most people would call it earthy or hippy-ish (which I detest), but I think it is a mix of gypsy, earthy, indie... does that even make sense?
    I am not very good at using words to describe genres or music... oh well.

  7. I want one of those rings, too!!

  8. rustic, vintage, wooden, beachy, cottage.

  9. Pretty picks. I especially love the ear muffs and necklace. I gravitate towards dark colors (black, purple, and deep red). I guess one might describe it as mysterious but girly.

    Hope you're having fun working on your happy organized desk!

  10. oooh! the ear muffs and the twig rings are awesome finds. you always find the best stuff!

  11. I think I love every single thing on your list. Particularly that little bottle.
    I can't wait to see what you ended up doing with your studio.
    Oh, and you inspired me to start mine! Except I went into the garage and ended up finding a mouse (horrible timing after that particular Hoarders episode).

  12. I'm dreadful at defining my style. Eclectic maybe? It is certainly 'British' despite my love of far away places.

    I love the shot with the ear muffs, what a pretty lady. My mind is made up, my nose is being re-pierced

  13. I don't know what my style is toes...i think it's just kinda thrown together-vintagey/bohemian/urban meets hip...i don't really know. haha I love your wishlist. I want it all!


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