i organized my way to sanity.

if you follow me on twitter, you'll know that yesterday i spent several hours trying to bring some semblance of order to my desk. and let me tell you, it was one hell of an undertaking. i thought about taking a before picture to show you just how bad it actually was, but then i decided that you may contact "Hoarders," and i really didn't want that kind of attention. just to give you an idea, my desk isn't a computer desk (that's my lap, on the sofa), but it's where i make a lot of my jewelry, so the chains, feathers, and beads were so thick that you couldn't even see the top of my desk. and trust me, i don't lie. so after three straight hours and more random chunks of time here and there through the afternoon, i got my desk cleaned off and a lot of my supplies kind of organized. the drawers, that's another story. in addition to cleaning off my desk, i got the necklaces for my shop arranged and organized, and i also hung a mini inspiration/memo/pretty stuff board.

now you may be wondering, "why, danielle, if you're telling us about your new and improved clean desk are you showing us pictures of things that are clearly not your desk?" and i have an answer - my camera regularly has pms and throws fits if the lighting isn't just right, or if it isn't the right time of day, or if we're out of milk. i tried to get a picture of my desk, but since you can't fight with technology, i'll try again tomorrow.

i added a couple business cards from people who inspire me (but i'm missing one from carla), and of course a dinosaur toes business card since this is where the majority of the dinosaur toes magic happens, some pictures, and some notes. i have a few more things i want to pin up there, and i see it constantly changing. i also put those little animals on top of the closet door that's beside my desk so they can keep me company. they used to sit on my desk, but in my quest to be clutter free, they had to be re-homed.

i feel like rambling, but honestly, i don't know what i'd talk about. do you ever get in those sorts of moods? tomorrow i've got a wishlist wednesday post planned for you, and on thursday i'm sharing pictures! i took some time this morning to scan in some pictures i took with film. FILM??? WHAT?!? yes, i still love and use film. happy tuesday!


  1. Looks great! Hey, I recognize one of those cards up on that board... :)
    Don't you love when everything is clean and organized (or reorganized)?
    I do, but it is rare that anything gets to that degree, and never stays there :(
    I have been wanting to have a cleaning/reorganizing day, but just haven't had the energy. Hopefully oneday soon!

  2. The space above your desk looks amazing.
    I love cleaning/reorganizing things, but there's always that point halfway through where I get fed up with the mess I've made and just want to sit down and cry!

  3. it looks awesome! I wish i had that kind of motivation!

    <3 Sarah

  4. oooh!

    i love your pretty little inspiration board. cute cute!

    oh....and i'm e-mailing you back....soon. promise. miss you oodles and oodles!


  5. I love what you've done with the place. And that board with your necklaces is so creative. I may have to steal your idea to get my jewelry organized. Hehe..

  6. Your inspirational board is BEAUTIFUL! Love your ampersand!

  7. girl you are so organized. and you would never be on hoarders. it's crazy. come over and get rid of my junk for me please!
    love your style!

  8. I was so happy when you told me you had my card on your board, and I'm even happier to see it up! I love your wall colour!

  9. I love your inspiration board but what I really really love is your display board for your necklaces. It is gorgeous and all of your work looks beautiful!

  10. i love your space! very inspirational and all your creations hanging on that board like that, look so yummy! can't wait to see what your desk looks like.

  11. Your board with necklaces made my heart jump.
    It looks SO lovely.
    I covet.
    P.S. Making another "fun package" and said business card will be included.

  12. oh my goodness, danielle, you have no idea how much inspiration this post has given me lately. literally since you've posted it, i've come back to it time and time again just to rack up most lovely ideas and such in my head. cannot wait to see photos of your desk! creative spaces somehow provide me with much more inspiration than other things; perhaps looking at an organized, pretty area gets your mind organized too? don't know. but! thanks so much for this. can't wait for the other photos; and keep up the awesome work! <3 <3

  13. I can't believe that I somehow missed this post. Well, I've seen it now and I am so happy that some things I made have made it to your inspiration board. You're on my mental inspiration board, for sure!


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