what i've been working on: just buy me a roundtrip ticket to the doctor's office

days like today i start to feel like there should be a health, or injury, insurance company made to cover those in the handmade line of work. i'm far too rough with tools and supplies, and i'm sure chris will vouch for that after all the things of his i've broken along the way, but geez, i'm ready to go a stretch of time without some sort of injury to my hands! today i was working with 12ga brass, and while trying to cut it to size, my cutting pliers broke, smashing my flesh in between, leaving me with a bloody mess, a swollen finger and rapidly growing blood blisters. it hurt. in the words of a wise man, this would definitely be considered a #BRITOSMASH! anyway, i need to take more pictures, but here are a few things i've been working on for my shop...

next, i obviously didn't make these things, but they're definitely making me happy! the first one is a vintage bracelet with an enamel parrot that i bought from maria, the feisty lady behind little tree vintage. the only way anyone is prying this bracelet off of my wrist is if i'm dead. the next thing is a camera that my grandpa had for years and years, and never even used. up until he started to get sick, he owned a little neighborhood store. my grandpa was the most generous person i've ever known, and when people couldn't pay him, he wrote it off, or in the case of this camera, he took a trade even though he wasn't into cameras or photography. my grandma pulled this out of a closet for me last weekend because she knew i'd like it, and even though next month will be two years since grandpa died, he's still finding his way into my daily life!

what have you been working on lately? how is your weekend going? also, i can't say much just yet, but a friend and i have been talking about a giveaway, so i can't wait to share it with you! trust me, it's going to be awesome!


  1. such beautiful jewelry!

  2. I love those round necklaces!! they are new, right? I might have to snatch one up when loans come in next week :)

  3. That post made me VERY happy for many reasons.

    A. because you are making new and beautiful jewelry and i can't wait to finally buy some!

    B. I AM SO HAPPY YOU LOVE THE BRACELET and i love that you put up a picture so I can see you wearing it.

    C. that camera is amazing. i used to have a minolta and i sat on it by accident :(


  4. as always, your jewelry is awesome and inspiring! just dont hurt yourself too bad ;)

    really cute bracelet from little tree vintage!

    and that camera is awesome..have fun playing around with it..im sure your grandpa will smile about it

    have an awesome weekend danielle!

  5. I check almost every day to see if you updated your shop! I love your bullet necklaces and I cant wait to buy another!

    <3 Sarah

  6. Love the new necklaces, especially the round ones! :) I also love that bracelet!!!


  7. So sorry to hear about your injury but these new items are absolutely lovely! I especially love the second one that you photographed... Excited to hear about this giveaway too! Have a lovely weekend!

  8. Maybe you're one of those people (eh hem, like me) who never even considers their own well-being, they just want to get the job done. There are so many times, I'm like, where the heck did I get that horrible looking bruise? And I have a scar from almost every job I've ever done. No matter how large or small.

  9. You are so talented! Those cage-like necklaces are so pretty and unique.

  10. I hope you hand heals quickly! I LOOOOOVE the new orb necklaces, they are amazing!!!
    I think it is so sweet that your grandma gave you that camera, can't wait to see the photos you take!

  11. Those spherical necklaces are all sorts of amazing! I hope those marvelous creations didn't cost you too many injuries! Your grandpa sounded like such a sweet person, too :)

  12. I am going to get the time to order an orb necklace because its:
    1. celestial
    2. dreamy
    3. quite simply the perfect accessory

    Bubbly blisters suck, but you sure do make a lovely piece of jewelry:)

  13. this post is hilarious! in an "i feel so bad you injured yourself again" way, that is. and i am so obsessed with those new necklaces. they are beyond cglorious. you definitely have a lot of talent.

    i hope in the next finger vs. pliers battle, your hand wins!

  14. every time you post something new you've been working on i love it so much. your jewelry just keeps getting better and better! yay:)

  15. danielle, i'm always in love with your newest creations-- those sphere ones are amazing!!! dino toes shop will be my inspiration to find a job asap ;)

    i think you need to write to President Obama and tell him your story ... they can make an insurance law called D ;) so sorry about your hands!

    beautiful bracelet (i giggled at how much you love it-- about prying it off your little wrist) and the camera and hearing about your gramps... i suppose that's where you get your heart from.


    this weekend is FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS watching while snacking on the most unhealthy food, and perhaps FINALLY moving into our home. whew this move has been a long one!


  16. Thanks for just making me CRY!!! That's so sweet and Dad was the most generous person ever. There will never be another man like him again. I think about him every day. I always will...I want to! I miss his words though. I miss his quiet ways. I miss his influence. I need that more than ever. In my new parenting, I'm constantly thinking about what Dad would do or say. Maybe I will be half the parent he was. I love your post...tears and all.

  17. my mum used that same minolta to take photos of me and my sister when we were growing up - the quality of light they can capture is absolutely amazing. I recently tried to resurrect hers, but it was going to cost me nearly £100 to replace one tiny part inside which dies over time. a real shame.

    your jewelry is really really nice. really nice.

  18. Hello! I found your blog through the Muchomuchobuenobueno blog....and I think you are pretty awesome! You are highly entertaining and I like your sense of style! Keep it up!

    Lauren :)

  19. I really love the new Orb necklaces and your website is looking good! I'm going to have to buy something from you soon! BTW, my sister loved the bullet necklace I gave her for Christmas. :)

  20. your jewelry always blows me away. It's so unique and stunning.
    Hope you had a good weekend, besides your injuries!

  21. OUCH!

    sorry about your finger my girl! that sounds awful. on the plus side i'm loving these lovely new necklaces. so so pretty!

    oh...and i'm FINALLY e-mailing you back.



    love you!!


  22. your new items are gorgeous! i'll take one of each, please!

  23. Ooooh ouch!
    Shame about your hand! I hope it heals quickly.
    Lovely jewellery though.

  24. Your orbs are absolutely gorgeous lady! Seriously, beautiful!

  25. I need a roundtrip ticket to the doctor myself, for all the colds and viruses and what-not I've been contracting this school year. Next year I am getting the flu shot for SURE.

    Also, the jewelry you posted here literally made my jaw drop. Stop being so talented, please. You're making me look bad. ;)

  26. everything you make is oh so magical. i love it all! i hope your tools become more friendly with you. i cant wait to get something from you shop. :)
    peace & love

  27. WHY am I th LAST person to comment?! I want an orb, but I'm also going crazy w/ stuff & new years budgeting...lame! Your new prizes are delightful! I love finding/obtaining old things from people I love. =) I hope your finger is okay & you have a down time between injuries for a while. <3

  28. I have that camera and it's great! What a sweet remembrance!

  29. ooh love the sphery (its a word!!) necklaces! your pieces always rock - its kinda worth you hurting yourself... though blood blisters are horrid!!!!!
    fingers crossed this week follows with no broken tools... or bones for that matter :)

  30. Oh wow, the orb necklaces are stunning! You're a talented lady, without a doubt.


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