two things i love around my home: the crafty edition

sometimes i get in these sort of insane creative overload type phases and i've got more ideas than i have hours in a day, or days in my life, even. lately that's how i've been, and i just look at some of my favorite supplies and want to use them in so many different projects! two of my current favorite supplies/sources for inspiration are my dangerously low supply of stones and my designer bolts of fabric. i kid you not, they were going to throw this fabric out if i didn't agree to give it a good home! good thing i like sewing!

i've had this idea for a bag utilizing a scrap of vintage floral fabric and some left over canvas. neither piece could make a bag on its own, but together they could make a pretty nice tote! i'm almost excited enough to make it today, but will i? probably not. i tend to procrastinate on sewing projects.

i should tell you, in case you're not already familiar with them, i am not the creator of the "two things i love around my home" posts. kassi is the one who came up with them, and i think she should start them again, don't you? if you like them as much as i do, go visit her blog and leave her a comment saying: 1. i love two things tuesday 2. you're pretty, and 3. i'll join two things tuesday if you start it up again.

also, this isn't so much a sales pitch as it is a little plea for help on behalf of the animals. this month, and maybe months to follow, i'm donating 25% of my sales to the lynchburg humane society. it breaks my heart (literally, it physically hurts my heart) when i think about and see all the animals who so desperately need homes, food and medical care, so i want to help since i can't adopt them all.

and one last thing, my good friend annie is having a dinosaur toes GIVEAWAY on her blog, so be sure to stop by and enter (and tell her she's pretty and be sure to congratulate her on finishing grad school)!


  1. she should totally start it again!
    i've been thinking of doing it, what with having my own home and all. : )

  2. you know i LOVE that apple dish! :)

    and yes, it would make a pretty fabulous tote! or quilt ;)
    oh to be cafty... i mean REALLY crafty lol (cos you can say i am but no... not in making things!)

    i really DO love two things tues. I love looking at people's decor and tastes. that part is easy to beg Kassi :) and so is the part about her being pretty.

    it breaks my heart too about animals... makes my heart literally hurt. can i tell you i just want to cry when i have to put a puppy back into it's bin cos the person decided not to buy them? ughhh. i feel like a "foster parent" in a sense and you know how hard it was for you and those beautiful kittens!

    i think between me and you we can adopt them all, what do you say? :)

    i wish! x

  3. hahahaha
    i was so confused when micaela left a comment on my blog telling me i'm pretty and saying that she didn't just say it because you told her to! now i get it!
    you are so funny :)
    if i get enough peeps saying to bring it back then i will start it up again next tuesday... just for you.

  4. I love that your giving a percentage for the wittle animals :) Zach and I are very involved with animal shelters around us. Both of our babies (cats) haha, were adopted.

    And whatever you come up with next will be great...cause you are way talented!!! I can't wait to see.

    hope your day is filled with happiness!

  5. Wow! I'd love to see it if you ever get the chance to make it.

    I'm currently trying to make a bag for fashion, but just going fabric shopping makes my head spin. there are soo many fabrics I want to use!

  6. i love these little sneak peeks and your rescued fabric, it's so pretty! i'm learning to sew and excited by all the pretty fabrics out there!

  7. oooh! i LOVE that necklace in the bottom picture! i haven't seen that one in the shop! so so pretty! you're seriously oh so talented my friend :).


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