ice cream sundae on sunday

i like to call this weekend, "the weekend of pop and pat." even though my pop and i don't live far from one another, we don't get together as often as i'd like thanks to his ridiculous work schedule. anyway, the weekend started with my pop and my step brother coming down to do a little (actually about $50 worth) target practicing. we had loads of fun and plan to do it again soon. then today, we went to pop's house and visited for a while, and later went to get ice cream somewhere chris and i had never been. pat (we call her that for laughs, but her name is really tricia) and i got this creation called "the hot apple dumpling" which was a whole baked apple covered in pie crust, then topped with caramel, vanilla ice cream, pecans and whipped cream. pop got his usual, a banana split. my pop is seriously an ice cream junkie and probably thinks it makes up every block on the food pyramid. yesterday, while laughing at him for wearing his ice cream (like he usually ends up doing), he said, "i like to take it home, show it where i live." i said it before, and i'll say it again, my pop is the funniest person i know! chris got the strawberry shortcake - shortcake, strawberries, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, and it looked divine.

i wish i would have had something in the pictures for size reference because you would not believe how big those suckers were! mine was as big as my head, and chris' was even bigger than his head, and he wears a size extra large motorcycle helmet! it was crazy! i could only eat half of mine, but everyone else finished. how, i have no idea. next time i go, i'm either getting a shaved ice with different fruit flavors or a creamsicle soft serve cone (probably the latter). i seriously need to get back to a regular exercise routine (but i wish i had canine company for walks and jumping on the trampoline), and my dessert today only reinforces that.

how was your weekend? did you do anything fun or special?


  1. i just don't understand how you stay so freakin TINY! you must have the fastest metabolism in the world... jeesh!
    looks delish!
    we had ty's WSA surf contest this weekend... and watched pee wee's big adventure - oh and i went to ikea for the first time ever and bought curtains, a coffee table and a rug all for $65 - dude, i was in shock at how cheap it is!
    too bad LN is 6 hours away from SF... i would have loved to see you again while you were here...
    majillionbilliontrillion - infinity!

  2. OMG. those are crazy.
    but they look super good!

  3. AWESOME photos good god that looks all together AMAZING!!

  4. that baked apple concoction looks amazing! glad you got in some good family time AND had yummy food in the process. those are my favorite kind of weekends :).

    hope you have a lovely monday tomorrow friend!


  5. holy moly that ice cream looks devine!

  6. Oh wow, those look delicious! I'm really missing summer now down here in the Southern hemisphere.

  7. yummy. i was a bachelorette this weekend, it was fun but a little lonely. the best thing i did was meet the Anglican archbishop and attend a church service in Spanish :)

  8. yumm ice cream is my weakness! the apple dumpling sounds wonderful! hooray for family and ice cream get togethers!


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