my lackluster weekend

when i say "lackluster," i'm not even kidding! i kind of planned on not doing anything this weekend since i'm leaving this friday for san francisco and i know i'll be super busy getting orders shipped, working, and packing, so i'm not at all upset that i did almost nothing! today i woke up, read some of my book (i'm re-reading "remember me?" by sophie kinsella because, ironically, i couldn't remember it), then fell asleep again. later this afternoon chris and i went to the video store (they didn't have anything worth watching) and the grocery store. the highlight of my shopping trip is the powdered donuts i cam home with!

on our way back home, i saw a turtle in the road and told chris to pull over. when we got home, i sat mr. turtle in the backyard and then went in to get the camera. chris got this little turtle magnifying glass and said he was going to "examine the turtle with a turtle." for some reason, we thought that was hilarious.

sorry i'm so boring! tomorrow i plan to share with you a new favorite shop i've been stalking. hopefully that will be a little more interesting. so what have you been up to this weekend?


  1. Part of me wishes I'd had a weekend as uneventful as yours, as mine was quite the opposite! Tomorrow is the first day of school, so I'm sure to be exhausted . . . a little relaxing would be blissful for sure.

    Pretty great turtle sighting though! And I'm in agreement that examining the turtle with turtle is marvelous. What are you gonna do when you are in SF???

  2. ahh! i love sophie kinsella!
    "remember me" is so good.
    i think my favorite is probably "can you keep a secret?"
    so good!

    i like the examining of the turtle with a turtle.
    clever! ha. : )

  3. Hehe, I love this post, not boring at all! And the turtle on turtle action is pretty hot, I gotta admit. Have fun in the beautiful City!

  4. "examine the turtle with a turtle."

    That's funny! hahahahaha

  5. hahaha, examining a turtle with a turtle is definitely something we'd think was hilarious.

  6. That picture is hilarious! My Sunday was pretty uneventful, but my Saturday was awesome. So I guess I can't complain. I've never read Sophie Kinsella, but I keep hearing good things about her, so maybe I should pick up one of her books already.

  7. Hahaha couldn't remember, remember me and looking at a turtle through a turtle! Brilliant :)

  8. I love powdered donuts and turtles and you aren't boring at all!


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