lately i've been stalking...

...carrie bilbo's jewelry store. do you ever find things, or a collection of things by a designer, and no matter how many times you look at them, they never seem to get old or lose their beauty and interest? that's how i feel about some of the jewelry from carrie's shop. i first found her shop when i noticed one of her cone rings; it was love at first sight. i love that her jewelry is simple in its styling, but each piece has so many details and really makes a statement; each piece of her jewelry is more like an accessory in its own right.

do you have stores or designers that you just can't get enough of? what or who are they? i'm always drawn to designers that use metal in various forms. maybe it's just something i do to torture myself because I WANT A KILN SO BADLY, but until i have one, i'll enjoy looking at what everyone else is making.

oh, and i've just recently started watching true blood after hearing so many other people talk about it. it took me a few episodes to really get interested, but i finished the last episode of season one, and i can't believe that character died (the one who was in andy's car at the end...i didn't want to spoil it for anyone who hadn't seen, if there is anyone other than me)! i loved him!


  1. I love True Blood as well!! I had to get HBO so I could watch season 3. With regards to shopping I stalk

    I met Krista at the Renegade Craft fair in SF a few weeks back and I just love her.

  2. i am a little bit obsessed with "true blood".

    those branch bangles are seriously amazing.

    when i want to look at pretty clothes i visit...

  3. The raw stone rattle necklace is definitely one of my favourite new things. This shop is such a great find. I love her work.

  4. 1. love those branch bracelets.
    2. addicted to True Blood. anna paquin is my favorite (100% bc we have the same name)

  5. i have true blood nights with jacob and my friends. i hated 1st season but i got hooked for some reason.
    and those branch rings are to die for!!!!

  6. These are absolutely stunning, love them.

  7. Ah, how gorgeous! I love the aesthetic of trees and branches, so I'm loving those rings at the end!

  8. carrie's twig inspired rings are so beautiful!

    here's hoping you get a kiln in the near future, i love your jewelry so!

  9. I'm loving those rings! I like lots of stores including ModCloth, Shabby Apple, and especially Elizabth Scokin Productions. She makes fantastic aprons, check them out!


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