more shooting.

this is going to be a quick post, unless i stay true to myself and over-explain everything so that even the quickest stories turn into long ones. anyway, pop had so much fun target practicing last saturday that he wanted to come back down today once he got off work. of course i'm happy to spend as much time with him as i can, so i couldn't wait! we didn't shoot the pistols as much this time, but we really went through some ammo in the .22 rifles, and luckily we each had our own! so we lined up our empty water bottles and took turns shooting them off the top of the wooden pallets, and then pop thought he'd be clever and sat just the cap to the water bottle up and told me to go first. my response was, "why, because you think i can't hit it?" keep in mind we were 90 feet from that tiny cap. i shot, and the cap flew off! i looked over at chris and pop, chris' eyes got big, and pop yelled, "holy shit!" well, actually he said, "sheeit" because he has that strong virginia accent. in that moment, i was ecstatic! i still am, actually, because i seriously didn't think i'd get it in the first try! so, that's all i have to blog about today, mainly because i'm still on the sharpshooter's high. this is totally unrelated, but since i always like to include at least one picture, this is one of my favorites of pop and i...


  1. i absolutely love unrelated topics. now i know why you use the bullets in your designs. kapow!

  2. I've been obsessed with getting a concealed carry license ever since I've worked at the library. That's kinda funny. Kinda not. Mostly funny.

  3. ha love the story!!!! i can just picture the expressions on your favorite men.

    that is THE SWEETEST picture of you and your Dad. Old family photos are the best.

  4. I am catching up on blogs right now so excuse the zillion comments.
    My mom & dad still have that same carpet!
    Cute picture of you and the Papa.


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