i'm going to san francisco!

aaaahhhhhhh! i'm so excited! it's my favorite place on earth, and i'll be there in less than two weeks! auntie amy and i are going for a few days just to have fun and non-stop girl talk. on my list of things to do: walk around telegraph hill talking to the wild parrots (but that one is obvious), go to haight-ashbury and get vintage clothes, and if we have enough time, we're driving down to carmel and monterey for the day to take in its beauty (but that's really up in the air as there is so much to do in san francisco we may run out of time).

images from we heart it and google search.

here's my one problem with traveling: i'm too cheap to check my bag, and i have a really difficult time fitting everything into my carry-on. since california weather is SO different from the weather in virginia, i know i'll have to bring extra clothes so i can dress in layers, so i'm thinking about using lauren's idea from when we all met up in june and basically shrink wrapping everything in ziploc bags so it takes up less space! she's a genius!

i know the city is huge, and there's so much i haven't seen, so if you have any suggestions for food, shopping (keep in mind i'm a cheapskate) or anything else, let me know! i don't require much sleep, so i like to try and cram in as much as possible on trips!

have you taken any trips this year? do have any planned for later in the year?


  1. Definitely go to Monterey! My boyfriend is from Pacific Grove (basically Monterey) and it's beyond gorgeous...definitely my favorite place to visit. Also, Santa Cruz/Big Sur/Carmel! All gorgeous!

    Hope you get to visit and do all you want to do <3

  2. These pictures are gorgeous. And i'm so jealous that you're heading over to CA! i've only been there once in my entire life, and i honestly fell in love with the area. it's so green, and so pretty. i was near topanga canyon ? hahh.

    hope you have tons of fun!


  3. :) yay SF. Def. bring layers and SUNBLOCK. You'd think after being raised here I'd have learned the lesson that summer fog is perfect sunburn weather, but have I? Nope.

    I'm a big fan of wandering Chinatown...it's like a feast for the senses :) Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  4. YAY to that!!! Let me know if you want to have a quick blogger meet up and grab some coffee and chat!! I know you love SF and you are going to have a blast!!! XO

  5. do you like breakfast?

    there is a place called "art's cafe" that you have to try...


    sooo good. and cheap! try a hashbrown sandwich and the strawberry lemonade.

    have fun!

  6. have a fun time! i love that city.

  7. i love SF! lived there until i was 9. if it still exists ... there is a really cool vintage store on the street level of girardeli square. i love, loveit.

  8. yay! SF, I miss it so!!! :) Have so much fun. The ziplock bag idea rocks! My aunt always does the same thing, it also helps with wrinkles.

    In about a week, we're heading to Santiago (a 4-hour flight to the north) to do paperwork, and then we head to Uruguay for a week, just to be a little warmer and get out for a bit... on a super cheap ticket!

    Happy travels!

  9. San Francisco is so fun. Get some salt water taffy while you are there.

  10. I LOVE CARMEL!!!! So gorgeous. I miss California.

  11. GIRL- DON"T BE CHEAP!!!! hahahaha go to saulsilito. spell check! its just over the bridge.
    but when your on vacation don't worry about spending money. it's an experience. you need to take it all in.
    its not fun when you have to pinch pennies on vacation. just sell some necklaces!!! xoxox
    i love san fran!

  12. yay! so glad you get to go on vacation so i can live vicariously through you :). i'm due for another vacay!

    hope the packing goes well. i know you can squeeze it all in there. it's good to be cheap and carry on because then you have more $ to spend on your vacation :).

    i can't wait to hear about all the fun adventures that you have!

    oh...and p.s. wear your biggest clothing items, jackets, boots, etc...on the plane...huge space saver.


  13. Oh, SF. The place where I left a huge chunk of my heart last year :D

    Also, about the carry-on bag, you just have to learn how to pack once and then you'll never have to check-in anything again. I went to Korea for two weeks with just a carry-on backpack. I also did the same for my trip to Ukraine, Switzerland, Marseille on many occasions. I'm also doing that for my upcoming two-week trip to Montreal... and on most of my trips it's for work so I usually even manage to pack tons of dressy clothes into a tiny space. The key is only to pack what you really need, nothing that you think you might need because in the end chances are it will never make it out of your bag anyway.

  14. ohhh...have so much fun. i've always wanted to go....
    can't wait to hear all about it :)

  15. Ahhh!! So jealous. Don't be surprised if you find me hidden inside your suitcase. Now if I could only learn how to origami myself... :p

  16. Lucky!! You're going to the best city ever! Be sure to pack layers, that Bay wind is super chilly!

  17. city lights bookstore and every italian eatery/bakery in north beach


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