shopping for the animals!

okay, so if there is one thing you all know about me, it's my unequivocal love for animals; my need to help and love them at all costs, and by any means necessary. so to share some of that love, i've decided that for the month of august (and maybe for september, too) i'm donating 25% of all sales to the lynchburg humane society. because i can't adopt every animal there (remember that pit bull i told you i fell in love with?), i'm hoping that i can at least help them with a monetary donation. so, if you've had your eye on something in my shop, now's a good time to own it! *obligatory disclaimer: i'm not a salesperson, and to be honest, i'd prefer a world with no money, so please don't feel like i'm after your wallet. i'm not, i'm here for the friendly blogging community, sales are just a perk.

as the first mate of danielle's flock, i can tell you that she really does love animals. sometimes i'm not quite sure why she was even born human, but that's beside the point. i don't really like cats, and i liked dive bombing the yellow lab that used to live with us, but the fact is, i still think that even cats and dogs should have basic animal rights: good food, clean water, and a loving family (and if they're like me, more attention than a baby, and more homemade food that my human friends).


flojo (aka dinosaur toes)

>> p.s. thank you for the link love micaela, carla and jill! you're the best!


  1. i'm typically scared of birds. i don't know what it is. i haven't had some life changing very scary moment with a bird, they just scare me. deep down in my heart. i get so scared.

    but your bird|s are gorgeous. i love the colors!!

  2. hey danielle- do you do longer chains? bc im interested in buying one but i need a longer chain:)
    is that bitchy?


  3. veda, jacob and posey (and me too... or is it I? I was terrible in english class!) all think that this is a WONDERFUL idea! so sweet of you and hope you have lots to donate!!!

  4. you're cute :).

    i love how much you love animals. it makes me happy.

    maybe craig will finally go buy me a bullet necklace!


  5. danielle,
    I really love the way your photographed your pieces here!
    Your style is unique...keep it up sister. You're inspiring!

  6. I think what you are doing is amazing. We need more people in the world like you, missy.

  7. i was going to buy myself something for my anniversary (or have dan buy it, you know what i mean) but what i wanted is gone :( is everything you you've made listed in your shop? or is there more on your website? there was a necklace i wanted, some feather earrings with the chain and two more hammered bangles... maybe i should email you?

  8. yay, i've made a few more sales just to help the animals! thanks, guys!

  9. Danielle, i finally bought a bullet necklace from your shop :)
    Your post motivated me, what your doing is so thoughtful.
    I too am HUGE lover of animals and often wish i can save them all
    Say hi to flojo for me. He is so handsome and colorful !


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