on sunday, i...

...got up way too early after going to bed way too late, and wasted time until chris got up. once he was awake, we decided we'd go to a tiny town about 45 minutes from us called Lowesville. since i'm not big on breakfast foods, and it was already too late for that, we got ready so we could leave in time for lunch. when we got to Lowesville we drove by The Old Store at Lowesville, and chris said we'd get to "the town" further down the road. as it turns out, "the town" actually isn't a town at all, as it consists of a store, a school and a general store/restaurant which is where we had lunch. they had a buffet with freshly cooked items like zucchini & squash (yum), chicken enchiladas, mashed potatoes, bbq & coleslaw egg rolls (chris said the person who thought of those must be named genius) which may sound gross, but they were actually sooooo good.

once we finished eating we felt sick we bought some candy, as if we really needed anything else to eat! then we walked outside and let our guts hang loose to see just how big our food babies were. chris is really skinny, so i let out some kind of cackle, because i have never in the 11 years i've known him seen his stomach bulge so far! our next stop was back at the old store, which is a combination of handmade, antiques, and junk. chris got me the old glass telephone pole insulator you see up there because 1. it was cheap, 2. i like old glass & those, especially, and 3. i love love aqua, blue and green old glass. although i brought my camera, i didn't take a single picture all day. and that's about all there is to lowesville. i will definitely be going back to eat.

once we left lowesville, i could barely contain my excitement because we were headed to see THE KITTENS!!!!! the knife is still in my heart after turning over custody of the kittens to the humane society, but i felt that if i could visit them again and tell them how much i love them, it may make me feel a little better. i took a bag of kitten chow as the humane society runs off donations, and got one of the women to show me where my babies were. it is amazing just how much they've grown in only a few days, and i guess they've been doing that the whole time, i just didn't realize it because i saw them everyday. i was so so so happy that they remembered me and purred while they nuzzled against my hand for rubs. i'm still lonely without them, but they have such sweet dispositions, so i feel confident that they'll be adopted by loving families. once we left the kittens, we went to see the dogs, and i fell in love with a pitbull. he was so sweet, and he was so excited to have attention, he was prancing in place! i hope i don't offend anyone by saying this, but i would strongly urge against buying from a breeder when there are so many loving cats and dogs who need to be adopted. that pitbull melted my heart, and if it were possible (i.e. if my hubby said it was okay), i'd adopt him in a heartbeat!


  1. i can't go to the humane society without wanting to take home every animal in the place...even the stinky rabbits.

    we've always gotten dogs from shelters growing up and marley is actually the first dog we've had from a breeder. the only reason we got her from a breeder was just because german shepherds can be unpredictable if they're not bred well, so i wanted to make sure we got her as a puppy and from a reputable breeder who breeds for good temperament. we had a shepherd mix when i was a kid that we had to get rid of because he was too agressive with my brother and i :(. i would definitely get another shelter dog one day though.

    i'm so glad you got to see your kitties!

    miss you lady!


  2. it sounds like an amazing lunch, mmm coleslaw egg rolls and chicken enchiladas!

    i got my first kitten from the spca and he's the best ever! i'm so glad you got to see your kitties again!

  3. i adopted my kitty from a shelter...
    it really is the way to go when getting a new pet. the place we got her from is a no-kill shelter but there are so, so many kill shelters and so, so many homeless animals. it makes me feel terrible just thinking about it.

    by the way, your lunch sounds delicious!


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