heirloom bling.

don't you love a good piece of jewelry with a story to tell; a life before this new adventure with you? well, because i am completely obsessed with all things old, of course i love vintage jewelry! i love the hunt, the discovery, and cleaning my new treasure off to unveil the beauty beneath the dust. so you can imagine my excitement when i saw that the lovely kjrsten decided to host a vintage jewelry swap! i'm already thinking of the shelves and baskets full of antique and almost-forgotten jewelry i can search through (micaela, you know where i'm talking about!), and i can hardly wait to find out who i'll be swapping with so i can start the search for the perfect piece (or pieces since there's NO WAY i'll be able to choose only one)! speaking of old jewelry, here are a few of my favorite thrifted pieces...

be sure to visit kjrsten's blog for her email address and the details on joining the swap!

i have two pieces of exciting news to share with you. the first, and not as exciting bit: i opened a big cartel shop for people who don't want to go through etsy checkout or don't have an account. you can visit my shop here, or click on that link i put in my sidebar. the next bit of news, and certainly the most exciting: dinosaur toes jewelry is now at pretty in pink boutique in costa mesa, ca! yay! i LOVE that store, and you will, too! if you live in the area, you should definitely check it out, or you can shop their site!

so, you may or may not realize that it's wednesday and i don't have a wishlist wednesday post. well, i still plan to do them some wednesdays, maybe every other week, but to be honest, i've kind of run out of themes, and i find that sometimes it just takes too long, and i have the attention span of a two-year-old...sometimes.


  1. congrats to you on the shop news!!! And jewelry is one of the few vintage things that piques my interest (much to Micaela's dismay, I'm not a vintage clothes kinda girl!), so I'm heading over to check out the swap details right now. xoxo.

  2. what?!? not into vintage clothes?!? you just hurt my heart. the swap sounds super fun, though!

  3. i know isn't claire crazy!? ;)

    first- CONGRATS on the boutique deal!!! i remember you talking about Pretty in Pink before (and brandi right?) HOW AWESOME!!! i love their site and can just imagine how much more fabulous they are in person. That's so exciting but i can't imagine all the work you're putting into that AND your shop... and your blog for followers and friends like me who look forward to your posts! :) you busy bee!

    second- The Swap? AMAZING! thanks for blogging about it cos i just joined :) can we PLEASE make an Estate Sale visit when we find out who we get?! i know how much better you are at finding the perfect vintage baubles when it comes to those jewelry bins. I remember when i lived with my gf Katy and we'd go to garage sales there was this one beautiful house with this cute little grandma whose jewelry i bought. she told me she had wonderful adventures with this one necklace in particular. i promised her i'd have my own with it...it was really sweet.

    third-and LAST thing as i've clearly rambled on- you can't do away with wishlist wens. i fancy it too much.

    i'll end now with a big XO


  4. Unrelated, but I totally saw your earrings on the front page the other day. I was browsing with a friend, saw the treasury, and I actually said, "That looks like Danielle-y stuff", and I was totally right!

    I've never done a swap before, but I do have a few vintage jewelry pieces and it sounds fun, so I'll check it out :)

  5. what wonderful finds! and i'm going over to check out that swap right now...

  6. wooooo hooooo!!!!! i am so excited for you!!!!

    kelly and i need to make a purchase soon before you get all crazy famous and expensive@



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