she makes me want to spend time with my sketchbook

today, i wanted to share with you an artist (and her husband) that i've been meaning to feature for quite some time. allyson is one million kinds of awesome, as is her talented artist husband jeremy, and she's the kind of person you could sit and talk to all day without ever running out of things to say. aside from art on paper, she sews and brings her characters to life, and most impressive, makes her own paints and pigments from organic materials that she and jeremy have grown. renaissance woman, no?

*images from allyson's flickr photostream.

i'm lucky enough to have a copy of the second piece, in all its metallic gold glory, hanging by my front door just waiting to greet guests. i also have this one! you can find allyson's art in her etsy shop, and you can also read her blog to see what she and jeremy are growing and currently working on.


  1. these are beautiful! thanks for sharing. you always find the best art!

  2. so pretty! i love art (as you know) & i really love seeing what other people love because it says a lot about the person.

    you have good taste of course ;)

    i think it's genius they make their own material... TOGETHER, as husband + wife.


  3. oh wow I love this. so beautiful. i love how organic the animals and people are.

    Also, love your jewelry.
    I did a post on some of your jewelry the other day:
    Blackbird Fly

    Thanks for sharing!
    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)

  4. I love these pieces. Thanks for sharing!

  5. that yellow scarf is amazing! I am stalking her flickr now. thanks for the link!
    I am catching up in blog land so watch out for my random comments on old posts :)

  6. Nice drawings!

    Check out my shoe design blog? All my designs are hand-drawn also! x

  7. Thanks for the delightful comment Danielle!

    Why not follow my blogspot to keep up to date with all my latest designs? Take care x x

  8. i love these... and the fact that they make their own paints, so fancy!


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