i make things in here.

i don't know about you, but i LOVE seeing what other people have in their home. i'm no decorator, but i like to rearrange things and try to give rooms a facelift either with items i already have, or with vintage finds that are easy on the wallet from my favorite antique/thrift/junk shop. brandi asked me to show picture of my house a few days ago, so i figured i'd take a few pictures in a few rooms and share, and if i'm lucky, maybe you'll share pictures of your home, too! today's room is my pink room. it has pink walls (of which i've grown tired), so the name isn't all that original, but i feel too arrogant calling it my studio. i don't do any hammering, drilling or soldering in this room, but everything else happens here!

above: a few of my polaroids on a piece of twine. i love polaroids and want to show them, but this was the only thing i could come up with. how do you display your polaroids? flojo is modeling on her cage. remember all that free fabric i told you i got? that's some of it on the right.

above: two of my favorite cameras; an argus seventy-five and a polaroid impulse. my sewing machine that doesn't see as much action as i'm sure it'd like; i just get lazy when it comes to sewing.

below: a watercolor painting brittan did just for flojo and i! i love it not only because it's beautiful, but because flojo strikes that EXACT same pose when she's curious about something and watching it closely! i love it!

if you don't have anything else to do, or you do but you're like me and put it off, please take pictures in your house so we can all see! i want to see what your style is like, and maybe you'll inspire me to mix some things up!


  1. cute things! i am nosey and love this kind of stuff, too. we only have one room in our house, haha (well, and a kitchen and a bathroom.) but maybe i will put up some pictures soon. in gratitude :)

  2. finally pics of your home!
    i want to see every room and the outside too! :)
    i love the painting that brittan did - wow!

    and i like the way you're displaying your polaroids!


  3. what lovely pictures! i love flojo. and the polaroid and twine! You seem to have a very organized space . . . I am a little scared to show my house due to the clutter!

  4. Your pola- line is so cute!!
    I had one in the old house and I need to put one up in the new. It just scares me, these are my walls forever, i don't want to muck them all up.
    I love seeing other peoples homes. We should all do a blog tour of homes.

  5. Your home looks just like your blog, very clean, peaceful, uncluttered. Damn you for your consistency! haha. I wanna see More!

  6. i love your photo twine! i wouldn't change it :) and the watercolor is simply divine!

  7. i loooove seeing people's space too!! so thanks for indulging us :) i love that your room is pink!

  8. I don't know what it is about it, but I also love seeing inside other people's homes. And the pink room reminds me of your blog design. I love that watercolor!

  9. I have a very similar twine hanging on my wall... that I am using as an inspiration board. Fun to clip bright photos, cards, and clippings that catch my attention!

  10. Your blog makes me so happy! Your house is so pretty, and your parrot is absolutely adorable.

  11. The painting of Flojo is awesome! Thanks for sharing your space. As artists we're so private about sharing these types of things...it's always such a treat to see where things begin.
    Also, I wanted to comment on your past post concerning your doggie. I know exactly how you feel...and it was strangely cathartic to go through it again, only through your voice.
    Thank you.

  12. such cute things!!!! love your blog!

  13. Thanks for sharing! I'd love to take photos of my home, but it's not very photogenic. It's a light thing. I'm jealous of people who see the sun in their homes.

  14. you are so tidy!
    and i like your camera hanger hahahaha!
    making use of things i like it!

    can you come over and clean my house?
    we are moving and everything is a mess!


  15. awww, FLOJO!!!! I love your creative space! (thanks for including my painting, I am so happy you like it and that you thought it worthy of framing!) I definitely love seeing peoples spaces, when I get my iphoto fixed I will try to post some.. among many other things waiting to be posted (photo-wise that is).

  16. ahhh, i love your home.
    mine is a cluttered mess!


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