what i've been working on

i've been working overtime lately, but i love it because it means i have a flurry of ideas and my brain is running strictly on create mode. as much as i love the bullet and gem stone necklaces (and i think i always will), i haven't been making many of those lately as i've been wanting to forge more brass and work with different stones. i've sort of become a stone junkie, and i'm having to stop myself from going to the gem shop because i know i'll end up spending way too much money! anyway, here are a few things i've been working on the last week...

the stones i've been using lately include amethyst, black quartz, turquoise and emerald. can you believe the stone in the second picture is a raw chunk of emerald? in the last picture, the stone that looks like an aqua brain is raw turquoise, and i think it may be my new favorite!

in addition to working on things for my shop (this one, too), i've been working in my bedroom. i moved out my old nightstand and in its place, i put an antique stool i had in my dining room. i also got chris to help me hang a collage of framed art, both new and old, above our bed. you'll see pictures soon!

and, i couldn't forget the most exciting bit of news... i'm going to announce a giveaway on monday, so be sure to check back and enter to win!

last, this is really random, but i'm a random person, so it really all relates. in case you didn't know already, chris has type 1 diabetes and was diagnosed when he was 13. until two years ago, he'd been giving himself his insulin shots, but he was lucky enough to get an insulin pump so he could keep better control of his diabetes. if you've ever been around insulin, you'll know that it smells like a really strong band aid. this morning when i was making the bed, i leaned down close to the mattress so i could pull the sheet nice and tight, and i got a whiff of band aid scent. chris' side of the bed usually has a faint insulin smell, and anytime i get a whiff of it, it always makes me sad. i hate that he has to deal with diabetes and all the health-related issues that come with it. i told you that was random, but doesn't it break your heart when someone you love isn't completely well and healthy? it does mine.

i hope you're having a good and creative weekend!


  1. I love your rings especially , your work is wonderful.

  2. it is sad, but at least he's mostly healthy and has someone to care about him! :) & I think I will be buying a necklace for my mom for Xmas.. she loves gem stones. I used to go crazy in those stores when I was little.. she has the prettiest green one displayed in her office, next time I'm there I'll have to photograph it and tweet it for you.

  3. It's true--I love your shop so much. The horseshoe necklace, the leather earrings, and this new stuff you're creating . . . your talent is enviable, my dear.

  4. ahh you are so talented!!! Love all of your pieces! xo

  5. you make the coolest jewelry. i can't get over it.

  6. i love all your jewelry danielle :). i've been loving all your new stuff. the creative juices really must be flowing!

    miss you pretty lady!


    (oh...and your last comment sign off with all the x's and o's made me smile) :)

  7. also, i think i'm gonna have to have that emerald ring.

  8. I love the raw turquoise piece. I know what you mean about resisting the urge to go to the rock and gem store. The one I go to is at least a long drive away (whereas I get all of my other supplies within walking distance from my apartment), so that helps me stay away.

  9. all your earrings are more than amazing. i mean, amazing. and that raw turquoise ring - oh my goodness... gorgeous! once again, i am awed by you.

    yes, it does break my heart when someone i love is suffering... i feel ya. poor chris.


  10. girl it keeps getting better and better! you rock!!!!


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