this post doesn't have a name.

i signed in to my blog today an didn't realize that i hadn't posted since thursday! i could have sworn i did it on friday, but apparently my age has started to affect my memory (and my grandma would love that because she likes feeling like she's not the only one who can't remember things). anyway, here's how my weekend went: i spent friday evening with grandma, and of course i ate there. it would have been rude not to! on saturday morning i did some serious business thinking and researching. i made a few things, and hoped to make more until i realized i was completely out of a crucial element. later that afternoon chris and i went to an auction and had lunch; it was delicious and terribly unhealthy, and of course it came from one of those mobile units. i found this set of four HUGE antique gesso frames, and i wanted them so bad. the good thing about this auction is that things rarely get over $5, and usually they start selling boxes of stuff for $1 just to get rid of it! the bad news is that they move sooooo slooooow. we sat for two hours, and they barely moved at all. unfortunately, the frames were in the very last pile of things to be auctioned off, and neither of us felt like waiting. so we went home, and the frames went home with someone else.

sometimes, i just like to take pictures of my supplies. the way they've been arranged, or the grouping of metal and stones i have laying out just seems interesting to me, so i just feel like taking a picture! don't get me wrong, i love film, but i think the best thing about a digital camera is being able to photograph anything and everything you want...for free.

back to the weekend... once chris and i got back home, we went to the garage to do some drilling and work on a few other things for my shop. sometimes i think we have the bes quality time when we're in the garage or working on something together. i'm sure date nights are fun, but for chris and i, we'll take a garage night! we didn't get in any garage time today, but we did find time for salad eating, the shield watching, and laughing at chris' ridiculous made up songs he'd sing while playing his guitar.

i'm working on sorting through more of the pictures i've taken around my house, so i'll be sharing another room tomorrow, but in the meantime, take some pictures of you home so we can see! i'm glad to know from the comments you left me that i'm not the only one who likes sneak peeks!

how has your weekend been so far?


  1. Your weekend sounds AMAZINGLY lovely! ;-) I love relaxing weekends like that! Can't wait to see your sneak peaks.

  2. When a blogger goes MIA for a few days, I just assume they're having a really, really good few days. I'm glad I was right in regards to this!:)

  3. Hey Misshey,
    I'm going to copyright my
    "ridiculous made up song" about the tazer!!
    Love you, Mr.

  4. ohhhh I love your supply photos!

  5. hey! i hope this isn't too random, but somehow i found your blog (i think i bought one of your necklaces from a vintage store here, but i'm not positive--if not, it's a look alike.) anyway, i just wanted to say how lovely yours is and i completely adore your jewelry. <3 mainly, though, and maybe this is common knowledge, but a lot of auction houses give you the option of bidding on items ahead of time, so that if you leave before they go up you'll still have a chance at winning. i hope that helps a little, for next time, anyway.


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