it's time to talk bidness

first, i have to tell you that i do NOT say "bidness," but i do have a redneck client who says it, and every time he does, i want to scream, "there is no D in business!"

anyway, i'm getting to my point. so, business talk isn't all that fun, and that's why i'll never be a high-powered mogul. well, that and the fact that i'm happy being a wallflower and working behind the scenes. but, a little business talk is necessary no matter how powerful your empire may be. if you hadn't noticed, i added a section over in my sidebar about dinosaur toes sponsorship. it's $10 a month for a 200 pixel by 150 pixel space. many of the dinosaur toes readers are crafters, photographers, etsy sellers, independent business people and all around inspirational. a sponsorship would be good for your blog, website, or store. if you'd like to be a dinosaur toes sponsor, or if you have questions about my blog's views or other specifics, please send me an email; i'd love to hear from you!

last, i made a new blog button! the smaller size is also over there on my sidebar complete with the code for you to copy and paste if you'd like to share it on your blog or site!


  1. i'm adding your button right now :)

  2. You have such a sweet and lovely blog:) I will be back to read more of your posts
    Kisses my dear

  3. Once I figure out how to add more buttons (the box apparently only holds a few), I'll definitely add yours. My sister is a woman of many crafts with an etsy store. If she can get it together and get a button, I'll definitely buy a sponsor block for her!

  4. I love the new button, but I kind of want to keep the old one. Now it's retro!

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  6. I deleted my previous comment bc I am a nit-wit who needs to use spell check.

    I'm adding your blog button right now.
    I was thinking about your company and wanted to share some thoughts:
    1. I went to the NY gift show and saw nothing like what you're doing. You should be high-fiving yourself for that!
    2. Family and friends will always have something to say about what we "should" be doing. Take it with a grain of salt. Only you and you alone know your contribution and niche. I swear, I spend 99% of my time wondering why I even blog! The only answer I have for that is because I genuinely enjoy it. I guess the bigger purpose will reveal itself eventually.
    3. If you EVER have anything you need, you can ask me. I don't know everything there is to know, but whatever knowledge I have, I'd love to share.

    We kind of have a weird connection. Maybe it's the VA thing?
    Your package is almost complete. Hope I can mail it tomorrow;)

  7. I have added your button :o)



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