non-sweaty layers

i have one problem with a southern summer, and it's this: i can't wear layers like i want because it's too hot and humid!  honestly, if i'm not wearing layers i feel kind of naked, so i try to find the lightest weight clothes i can.  sometimes though, i'm still not so sure about the outcome...

tank: vintage, thrifted // dress: vintage, thrifted // necklace: vintage, thrifted // sandals: aldo

i love loose-fitting tanks, but it can be difficult finding them small enough to fit me, so i was beyond ecstatic when i found this one!  it's sheer, it's small, and it's so lightweight i don't know i'm wearing it - the definition of the perfect tank.

also, after i posted my last moody rant, i felt really bad and almost deleted it, because i don't want to be known as a negative and angry person.  but, because i personally don't like blogs whose authors never have a bad day, and argument, bad hair, or pms, i felt like it was okay to be upset for a day.  i have good news: our house aired out sunday night and through the day on monday so we couldn't smell the skunk anymore, and kona was bathed enough so that, while i can still smell the bitterness if i put my nose to him, i can it beside him and rub him without dying or smelling like skunk myself!

last, if you are in or around the lynchburg, va area, i wanted to invite you to join me and a few hundred others for the 2nd annual rachael's paws & purrs 5k & 10k benefit run!  chris and i ran in the first one and had so much fun, and i'll be there again this year (he may or may not thanks to a bad knee).  if you didn't read my blog back in april of 2011, i blogged about rachael (the run's namesake, and chris' second cousin) and her husband aaron being killed in an apartment fire.  i still think about them and the tragedy on a near-daily basis, but am happy that, because of so many people and their generosity, rachael's legacy and love for animals lives on.  to find out more about the race, the fund, and rachael, visit their site!  and let me know if you're planning to race on september 22!


  1. 1. That tank top is amazing and I love that you layered it. I also hate the summer humidity because I cannot layer and feel super exposed.

    2. I'm glad you didn't delete that post. I love that you were being honest in what happened and how you felt about it.

    3. What an awesome legacy to keep alive! I would do it if I lived closer and actually ran.

  2. Love the layering here. I miss layers too. And then I feel ridiculous wishing away warm weather in New England. And then I miss my layers again. The grass is never greener, is it?!
    I didn't mind the post about kona's skunk battle. I didn't think you were being overly angry or anything. I get wanting to keep your blog positive, but I know you are a real girl and that is why I love you and your blog so much.

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  3. I'm so glad you're not the smelly girl anymore! ;) That tank top is pretty much perfect, & I want yer shoes. Gimme gimme! Thanks for being so awesomely you all the time & not censoring yourself. You da best.

  4. naw you shouldn't feel bad about last post, I completely understand! Dogs can be dogs sometimes. :) I love this layering! :)


  5. yeah summer layering can be hard but I think your outfit totally works. Happy to hear the skunk smell has left your home. :)

  6. I didn't read you last post until I read this one, but you shouldn't feel bad at all! I don't have a dog myself but I can only imagine how frustrating that must have been for you.

    I think you've managed to layer really well despite the heat though! I'm with you, I love layering and feel so limited in the summer months. I want to look into doing something like this :)

  7. I want that wall and I want that tree! :)
    Lately, it's been taking me so long to get dressed in the morning because of the same issue! I want to wear a cardigan or a layer and in my air-conditioned apartment it seems like a good idea until I step outside and feel silly wearing so much when its humid n 90+degrees.
    which is why I LOVE how you are rockin' that sheer layer with the flower dress pattern peeking through underneath!
    so cool!

    beautiful as per usual. :)

  8. OH man, I feel ya on the heat... gah it's so hot. Whenever Keith is wearing a tshirt underneath another tshirt I can't help but look at him like he's crazy, ha. I don't even like wearing some of my dresses that require a slip right now... TOO HOT!!

    That run sounds amazing. Wish I lived closer so I could join! Or, at least watch, ha!

    Loving the new look of your blog, by the way!

  9. Who are you looking at in that first picture? A ghost? And you look lovelyyyy!

  10. i love layers too and have been missing them all summer. sometimes i'll wear a really light weight short sleeved sweater but it just isnt the same! i love that sheer tank over the dress.

  11. What a sweet skirt! Nice look!



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