what i've been working on...

lately i've been up to my elbows, almost literally, in paint, paper, and eraser dust, and i love it!  i just don't know if i can put into words how honored and excited i am each time someone buys a little piece of my art, and even more so when someone wants a custom portrait!  that feeling never gets old.  so here's a peek at a few things i've been working on the last two weeks...

do you recognize the sunglasses in the last picture?  i'm constantly amazed and inspired by my friend beca from tumbleweeds, so if you didn't know, they're tumbleweeds sunnies, and they're being used on tumbleweeds product tags!  also, if you look in my sidebar you'll find a discount code to her shop.

i have a few other ideas for watercolor paintings and ink drawings that i'm trying really hard not to forget, so hopefully i'll be able to sneak in some time to work on those between a family picnic, helping my sister with her wedding preparations, and taking a quick beach trip later this month!

have you been working on anything new lately, artsy or otherwise?


  1. O man. That skeleton painting just rocked my world. I am working on stuff for my best friend's bridal shower that is at my house next weekend. Unfortunately, I am a procrastinator so last minute scrambling has arrived!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  2. These are great. Very talented. I am not working on anything except being lazy. Ha. This summer has been a lazy one.

  3. these look so great Danielle! I am so impressed with you shop. I hoping to open my paperie before the new year, fingers crossed:)

  4. Love the third piece and the sunglasses!!!
    xo Heather

  5. the sunglasses and the skull are awesome!!!!!! so great!

  6. These are so great! I love love the 'floral eyes'. You're crazy talented! Oh, I am very smitten with your new blog design. I haven't been blog surfing for a while, so if you changed it a while back... it's new [and gorgeous] to me.


  7. you are such an absolute talent. its amazing to see you pump out all this incredible art and I can't wait. i already have three custom portraits ideas to buy from you for xmas. better get on that, huh! ;) xoxoxo.

  8. you amaze me... these are stunning.
    i'm taken aback.


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