uncovet sale!

i had another post typed up and ready to share, but then i realized that i wanted to tell you about something else first!  i'm just going to blame all the brain farts i've been having this week on the fact that we're leaving for a little vacation on saturday (at 6am, ew) so i feel like i can't remember regular things while i'm trying to keep and edit my mental list of what all i have to pack!  but i wanted to share a little uncovet sale with you...

starting today, and then again next wednesday, the 22nd, i'm having a little sale on uncovet!  six different prints are being offered (including the one above) at a special discount to uncovet users, so if you aren't a member, here's a link to sign up.  they've always got amazing things featured, so i'm just happy to be included!


  1. That print is so cute! Love me some elephants.

    And 6am on a Saturday?! Good thing it's for vacation, otherwise that just sounds like torture.

  2. My sister would adore the one pictured! I'll have to come back on the 22nd :)

    xo Jennifer



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