turtle pee

do you have that one thing (or maybe a few things) that you love so much you can't pass up; no matter how much you already have, you just feel like you can't get enough?  that thing for me is lace dresses.  but something i haven't worn before is a lace dress with turtle pee...

jacket: american eagle // dress: h&m via ebay // leather belt: vintage, thrifted // sandals: kork ease // sunglasses: tumbleweeds // necklace: dinosaur toes // turtle pee: c/o eastern box turtle

if you've been reading my blog since last summer, you already know that i stop and get turtles out of the road.  this little girl is the absolute smallest i've ever saved from cars, and i almost didn't see her!  good thing for the tailgating state trooper behind me - i was forced to drive slow.  she probably looks big in the picture thanks to my infant sized hands, but her shell was only 2" long!  she was so cute i couldn't even remember where i put my key or how to start the ignition.  and she was so cute i wasn't even worried about the fact that she peed on me - twice - and left a little puddle of turtle pee on my dress.

also, i'm so happy with the way my necklace turned out!  i made two, and since i can't part with one, the other will be added to my shop sometime soon!


  1. That turtle is just about the cutest thing EVER. Your hair is so beautiful. And speaking of beautiful, THAT NECKLACE! Possibly my favorite Danielle creation of all time.

  2. hehe, you don't have infant size hands! but she is very small and adorable! you are the mother teresa of animals, i love this about you and i love your lace dress minus the turtle pee. you look like a movie start with those glasses!

  3. Awww, I love that you rescue turtles from the road! That's so sweet!

  4. Oh BOY that necklace. Keeping my eyes on your shop! :)

  5. Gorgeous dress and I'm in love with that necklace!! Oh, and turtles are cute too ;)
    xo Heather

  6. That necklace is so pretty!! Turtles are so cute I wish I had turtles as pets but I think 2 dogs and 3 fish are more than enough pets at the moment.

  7. Awwww! Turtle pee is worth saving that cute little life. =) You're my hero! I wish you didn't live so far. We have so many box turtles that another few hundred wouldn't hurt a thing. (I really do need to get me some lace dresses...)

  8. Oh my god so tiny and so cute! Oh also that turtle is cute ;-) Seriously, though, that tiny turtle looks worth the tiny puddle of pee she offered you. Also, way cool necklace!

  9. This is going to sound really weird...but flojo was definitely in my dream last night! Or his twin at least...but the bird's name in the dream was flojo...so it must have been him :) ANYWAY....love the lace dress - it looks so pretty on you, and that little turtle is SO cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. shes so cute, and you're so sweet. I wish you could meet our alligator snapping turtle before we let him back out into the wild. He's doubled in size in 5 months, and he eats whole chicken hearts now. (ok, sorry, gross) Doug rescued him from the sidewalk, he was barely moving, so we've been caring for him ever since. I think it's time to release him, but Doug is super attached.
    Also, lace dresses! They are your staple. And I'm glad you still love your glasses. :)

  11. Oh my goodness, little turtle! Adorable. I love that you stop to help turtles out of the road :) And I know what you mean about pretty lace dresses, they are pretty irresistible.

  12. that lil turtle is the cutest! and I love the pic of you laughing with Flojo on your head... such a great shot- of happiness! <3


  13. ohhh no turtle pee! ha you are too cute for rescuing them :0)

  14. THAT TURTLE IS DARLING. I'm glad you saved her from certain death--I'm going to continue telling myself how cute she is, now. And, by the way, your lace dress is amazing, turtle pee or not.

  15. Love this dress on you! :)AW and that turtle is so cute! IT is probably very grateful that you saved it!


  16. oh that little turtle is so sweet! totally worth a little pee on the dress.
    last summer my husband and his friend were riding up the natchez trace and it started to pour rain and a nice man stopped and gave them a ride. apparently in the hour they road with him, he made them get out 6 times to grab turtles he saw on the road and put them in his truck bed so he could put them in his yard! haha

  17. Haha Danielle! You always make me laugh. She is the tiniest little turtle ever. Matt and I have a tortoise. He must be 15 years old now. Just love him!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  18. Hey, girl! It's Adri. Love that necklace!!!! =O

    I've been missing for a few months- was out of town all summer lol Anyway, wanted to let you know that I have a new blog :)


    Can't wait to be an active blogger again!!


  19. um, did you know that you have a bird on your head? haha
    I love a girlie dress paired with a jean jacket and you totally rock it!
    Good to know there is a fellow turtle rescuer out there!


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