i'm the stinky girl

how was your weekend?  good, i hope!  chris and i had a date night on sunday; we finally went to see dark shadows, had a nice dinner out, and ended the night with... a freakin skunk.  i feel like i could so easily go worse-than-sailor-mouth with this because i'm so mad at kona i could scream, but i'm afraid you might not like me anymore (except caitlin who would probably love me more)!

at midnight, right before i went to bed, i let kona outside to use the bathroom (and left the front door open), went to the kitchen to get something to drink, and started hearing this awful hissing-type noise at the door.  i just knew that kona had cornered some wild snake or critter on the front porch, and that i'd have to go out and try not to get attacked.  but when i went to the door, i noticed kona was making that noise, like he was trying to get something out of his nose and mouth, and he was drooling like you've never seen.  then, it hit me - like i was punched in the face by the incredible hulk - and i thought i'd puke.  the skunk juice, sprayed right by the front porch, was without a doubt the strongest, most disgusting, burning smell i've ever had the misfortune of inhaling.  within seconds each room of the house smelled so bad and so strong, that our throats and noses were burning even without inhaling.  so we hurried as best we could to get together our pillows, blankets, and flojo, and run out to the camper where our respiratory systems could relax for the night.

i was so mad a kona i couldn't even put it into words.  if you didn't know, we adopted him from the animal shelter a year and a half ago.  he didn't have much freedom at his previous house as he was kept in a fenced in yard, so for the first few months he didn't know how to handle all of the space and freedom here on the farm.  he now listens and won't chase after every moving thing he sees as long as chris and i are with him and tell him no, but because he saw a rabbit ONE TIME over a year ago one night when i let him out, he continues to shoot out of the door at night like a freakin bullet in hopes of finding an animal he can chase.  sometimes i get really firm with him before i let him out because his ridiculousness irritates the HELL out of me!  last night i should have known not to even let him out because he knocked me down trying to get to the door.  but i did.  and because he can't just act like he has a brain and leave anything alone, we now smell skunk, which i imagine will hang around for quite some time.

i didn't mean for this post to be so wordy!  so this morning when i went to the grocery store to get the supplies for the de-skunking wash, i kept getting a whiff of skunk.  i was so scared someone else would smell it as one of my big fears is being the stinky girl.  you remember that one kid in class who always smelled bad and was dirty and no one wanted to get too close to?  yeah, that was me.  luckily i didn't personally smell like skunk, but when i opened my purse to get my wallet, i got punched in the face once more by skunk smell.  i'm sure the people around me smelled it, and i just hope they don't remember me, because i do not want to be remembered as the stinky girl.

just in case you ever need to wash the skunk oil from your pet, here's the recipe, and it really works (because i just had to do it in may when my effing idiot of a dog was sprayed the first time):
-1 quart hydrogen peroxide
-1/4 cup baking soda
-1 teaspoon dish soap
-mix together and wash only the affected area.  rinse.  it may take two washes depending on the severity.


  1. Oh no! Hope you are de-skunked now!

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry that happened to you and your house and everything! Silly Kona! :(

  3. oh no skunked! we lived out in the sticks when i was little and our dog never got skunked but we got poison oak a bunch. you'll never be that stinky girl!

  4. HAHAHAHA! Oh my god!! I'm sorry, I know that had to suck so bad. He is always getting into something and it cracks me up. Skunk is the absolute worst!! Uck! I hope you get everything de-skunked and back to smelling awesome!!

  5. I'm so sorry that happened. I'm glad you know the secret to getting rid of the skunk smell.

  6. I hope the stinky doesn't stick. How the hell do you get that out of your entire house?!

  7. ugh, thats the worst. Luckily my pup has yet to be sprayed but this did happen to my sister in law and her two dogs. Not fun at all.

  8. Aw poor Kona - and poor you! That's happened to our dog a few times and it SUCKS! Hope things are smelling better over there today :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. HORRIBLE! that happened to my dog when i was around 12 and it was SO AWFUL!

  10. Ugh I'm so sorry about this :( I always get so angry with Cypress when she does stupid shit she knows she shouldn't do.

    1. And I DO love you more, with each 'fuck' that crosses thy lips.


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