we match

when i decided to wear this outfit the other day, i didn't really intend to imitate flojo, but once i took the pictures with her, i realized we were wearing the same colors!  i guess i really do think about her all the time, and now that's just filtering down to my outfit choices...

crop top: thrifted // skirt: target // shoes: aldo // parrot bracelet: vintage, little tree vintage

i have to tell you, i am so happy to be blogging now, you can't even imagine.  virginia was hit hard with a freak weather phenomenon called a derecho on friday.  one minute things we fine, and the next, trees were falling, lightning was striking, and just about everything was being damaged by wind gusts of almost 90 miles per hour.  we're without power and probably will be for another week, according to the latest predictions.  we're lucky enough to have a small camper and a generator we can hook to it and run for a few hours at a time, but there's nothing like home (which, luckily is all in one piece with no trees through the roof or walls), and having this small piece of normalcy - blogging - is such a treat right now!

i'm not sure if there was damage to a phone tower, or if there are just so many people on their cell phones, but signal is spotty at best, so i'll cross my fingers and hope that i'm able to blog some more this week and read your posts as well!  but i'd actually just prefer to have electricity and get back to real life...


  1. hopefully everything goes well! I love this outfit : )

  2. I'm so glad you're fine! That skirt is awesome...

  3. oh man! i am so so so glad you are okay! i didn't know that was going on! we got back late friday and have pretty much stayed in bed sleeping so we didn't know what was going on. i hope your home is okay and that you can go back soon!

  4. I've never heard of such a thing! So glad to hear that you and yours are all right!

  5. WOW! thats nuts you are not going to have power for a week. I mean I expect it during like a hurricane but a thunderstorm rolling through causing all that damage is crazy! Sounds almost tornado ish. Glad you see you are okay though! Think my parents had no electricity for 2 weeks after Hurricane Irene and the run on Well Water, which means no running water when the power is out.

    Anyway... I love how you match in this photo, your outfit is adorable...

    and for some reason I always have the longest responses on your blog! ha-ha


  6. you two do match! Very cute. Well I'm glad to hear your home made it out okay. We were without power back in October for 10 days and it was just awful. Hope you get your power back asap!

  7. mmm me want that skirt and belt....

  8. You guys really DO match! Perfectly! Glad you're okay, even without power. I'll cross my fingers it comes back soon!

  9. I LOVE that you guys match - too cute! Love your skirt and those sandals Danielle. And fingers crossed you get power back soon...yikes :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. I heard about the power outages on the radio this morning, glad you and your home are ok. You guys look cute, love that you're matching!

  11. That weather sounds insane! I'll stop complaining about the wall-to-wall rain in England about now I think! Love the outfit (and the colour coordinating, of course!)

  12. LOVE love love this color combo. I'm all about a polka dot, specially a navy polka dot print! ;)

  13. that storm was AWFUL. i live in roanoke.. we just got our power back about an hour ago. it's insane how luxurious my house feels now. :) glad you guys are alright! <3

  14. OMG I am glad you and your family are safe and wow, i can just imagine the after effects of the storm! :(
    you look lovely and your wait so itty bitty! Maybe cause' i was used to your winter/fall outfit posts where you wore more layers, but seriosuly your waist is itty bitty :)
    Flojo is the best accessory ever. <3


  15. i hope you are keeping cool! i can't imagine being out of power in this heat!
    i feel like i say this every time, but flo jo is so freaking cute! does she get to be out most of the time?

  16. Oh my goodness! What is going on over there right now? In Australia, we are just getting news that the US has been hit by a freak heat wave, people are dying....it's crazy! I hope everyone over there is ok?! Stay safe you guys.....and by the way, you look great in this outfit :)
    toni xo


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