wishlist wednesday!

please don't hate me, i couldn't help myself - i knew yesterday that i was going to make the theme for today's wish list something along the lines of, "urban ballerina." so if i were an urban ballerina, i.e coming straight out of the dance studio and pretty much walking into a musical where i danced as i was walking through the park, to the grocery store, from the post office, etc., this is what i'd probably be wearing. or, if i wasn't a ballerina but still wanted to look pretty, i'd still wear these things!

from the top, you can find these beauties here: prance and swagger, golden ponies, allen company inc, larime loom, sparkles burton.

so, i have some exciting news. i went down to my mother-in-law's this evening to get four small boxes of things that have been down there since chris and i moved (okay, so we moved three and a half years ago, and yes, i am embarrassed that i still have things that aren't unpacked). i would be lying if i told you that i couldn't open up a small antique store with all the stuff i had in those boxes. apparently i had a thing for knick knacks, and was well on my way to being a legitimate hoarder. a few of the things, sadly, had to be thrown away as they'd gotten broken, a few of the things were wiped off and set out so i could enjoy them, and more than a few of the things are sitting on my dining room table with no home and no future with me. so i may send you something. or better yet, you could just come and take the stuff. it was definitely like antique christmas morning at my house this evening!

so tell me, what have you been wishing for lately?


  1. You should have a giveaway for all of your unwanted stuff!

  2. Wishing that I had boxes full of antique knick-knacks...oh wait, I have a house full. raaaaats!

  3. i loved your post with the dancing, and i love all of your choices today! i have a few things on my wishlist, unfortunately, the majority of them are expensive and therefore will probably not be in my grasp any time soon :( oh well, it is nice to have dreams right?!?

    it feels like forever since we last talked! we should chat soon!

  4. well i got my wish!
    i got my gold toms and my new time teller watch!
    so now i need a new list!
    i wish that we all had a reunion again!

  5. I wrote the longest freaking comment and my stupid computer killed it. Wtf?

    Anyway, I just said that I really like this wishlist. The ballerina craze is a good one!
    I have so many knick knacks. I'd like to be a minimalist, but I just like all my stuff too much. :\ I don't NEED these gnomes, but they make me happy, so why not?
    I have a hankering for a turn table and a hammock for this summer!! I even went so far as to look up hammocks on Lowe's website and send them to my mom. I'm hoping she'll go halfsies with me on one. :) And I even looked at turn tables on eBay. You know if I look something up online, I mean business.

  6. I think you have a very ballerina look...so I love that you are digging that style! I am crushing on gothic stylings...but nothing unusual there. I have my eye on some really high demonia black platforms..hee hee hee! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

  7. Your wishlist is super sweet! I love those shoes.

    My wishlist includes a job, a house, a cat, and, you know, a million things from Etsy....

  8. My wishlist would be an antique globe for my office, a bird cage for my home, and a turntable.

  9. 1st off, I agree w/ Brandizzle about a reunion! THIS TIME INVITE ME...DAMN. ;)

    2nd, I LOVE antique treasures! You should photograph them!

    3rd, can you ALWAYS be an urban ballerina? So pretty & cute & rad!

    I heart you Toes!

  10. my wishlist is incredibly long. it's all over my pinterest!

    i wish i could see my friend danielle though...that would make me terribly happy!!

  11. As usual I love your wish list! Especially that first skirt, though I doubt I could ever pull it off!

  12. Your descriptive paragraph of how/when/where you would wear these things on your wish list is awesome. I could so picture you now being that urban ballerina walking down the street after being at a dance studio with say, french bread at hand! Love it.

    Also, you're not the only one with boxes at other peoples' houses. Haha I swear the load I left at my parents house haunts me every now and then like, "GO GET YOUR STUFF. DON'T HOARD AT SOMEONE ELSE'S HOUSE" I'm not joking. So you ain't alone girl:) Btw, I have no doubt it was Christmas at your house. Kind of makes me want to go treasure hunting through my stuff now at my parents'!


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