wishlist wednesday on a thursday!

i thought yesterday was tuesday, so i didn't have a wish list ready, but as usual, i'm behind! it wasn't difficult to decide on a theme for this week's wish list...what i want for my birthday! i celebrate the last year of my 20's starting in a week and a half, and husband, if you're reading this, you have an etsy account, so you may think about putting it to use. hint, hint.

you can find these beauties here, from the top: mrd74, greatest friend, reraeshop, mellow dayss, IKAHN, the blue balloon, greatest friend.

aaaahhhh, this wish list makes me want to go on a shopping spree! so, what are you wishing for?


  1. love the necklace by the blue balloon! and your picks are gorgeous :)

  2. He better buy you something! Buy the Indian penny button & make that necklace!

  3. oh i hope husband is listening!! or that magic 8 ball might have a different answer ;)

    so i already had your birthday on my calendar and i'm pretty excited about what i got you... so pretend to love it?! joking :)

    and no... it isn't a butt ring pillow! drats, i know!


  4. You have such awesome style Danielle. I love that leather bag and the necklace below it! I hope you get what you want for your birthday missy:)

  5. Haaaaapppyyyyy (early) biiiiirrrrrthdaaaaayyyy!
    i love that jumper and the cute little sweater! great finds!!! do you know what you are doing for your birthday, or what you want to do?

  6. Great finds, Danielle! I love that ring and the necklace from the blue balloon. Glad to know that it's your birthday soon. Enjoy the last year of your 20s. Soon you'll be at a point in your life where you actually forget how old you are. I'm 30...I think.

  7. I got Doug the fruit bat skull and the murder of crown necklaces from moon raven designs. they make INCREDIBLE jewelery and are so freaking nice!
    And after seeing your wishlist I'm not scared that you'll hate your pres anymore. I think you'll like it!!

  8. When's your birthday?!? Mine's the 17th. I love birthdays, but usually only when they're someone else's. I like making people feel special, but when it's my day I just feel awkward.

  9. you NEED that dress!!! it would be seriously SO cute on you. husband - hop to it! so funny...i was just thinking about your birthday this morning, since you're on my calendar :).

    miss you lady!!


  10. I adore that lacey flag thing (does it have a proper name, it is very cute none-the-less)

  11. i'm spring chicky, too! when is your birthday?

    i'm going to send you something ;)


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